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Magicfly Portable Wireless Doorbell Kit Review

Magicfly portable wireless doorbell kit is one of the best doorbells that actually have an operating range of one thousand feet. It doesn’t require any batteries for the receiver, unlike other doorbells.

It is black and matches many doors hence can suit any home. Why is this doorbell perfect for you?  This doorbell is perfect for you because it doesn’t consume a lot of power which is less than twelve volts and comes with elegant melodies that are more 200 ringtones and in addition, it is easy to use.


The doorbell has such amazing materials that prevent it from overheating which is a characteristic that lacks in other doorbells.

The ring tone it’s audible and has a stable wireless transmitting range that ranges from 200 meters and 300 meters at an open area. Read on to see the features of this doorbell

Elegant Melodies

This doorbell has elegant melodies which are the ringtones and they are not annoying when you ring the doorbell. They can easily be heard and the volume ranges from 11db to 50db. There are variety melodies so you can choose one of them according to your liking.


This doorbell is build up with materials that are excellent regarding heating. They prevent high temperatures that may cause interference and the ability of the doorbell to work well hence it ensures smooth running.

It is also black with an elegant look that suits many door homes. This doorbell is also waterproof to make sure that it is not affected by the coldness, wetness or any water conditions. Again, it is easy to handle it with or without water you can still handle.

Easy To Use And Also Install

The doorbell is easy to install especially plugging the receiver. It is also a simple job to change the setting of the excellent melodies. This doorbell is convenient for everyone because of its simplicity and ease of handling.

It has double side stickers that you can use to install them if it is temporary. This doorbell is a long life time server and it can’t be easily destroyed. It also brags of super power saving method since it uses less than 12 volts.

Range and Warranty

This doorbell has an operating range of 1000 feet range with over fifty chimes, and no battery is required for the receiver.

The product also comes with a one year warranty. This means that if it stops working, you can return the product for exchange but within the warranty provided.

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  • It is easy to install
  • It has waterproof capabilities hence it is not affected by weather conditions
  • Made of excellent materials that prevent overheating or high temperatures
  • Has a super saving power mode and uses less than twelve volts
  • It is durable and has a long lifetime without getting destroyed
  • Elegant melodies accompany it
  • Doesn’t require any batteries


  • The manual can be confusing and lack more information
  • Only one traditional doorbell sound

Frequently asked questions

Q: Can this doorbell work on different channels? Like one doorbell rings one receiver, but not both?

A: You can program different ring tones for each doorbell

Q: Can you limit how long particular melody goes on?

A: Yes you can limit for about 1-2 seconds only you can limit the timing of the melody, but you could change it with difference tones with adjusting the learning code

Q: is it affected by the weather?

A: It is waterproof and is not affected by the weather or waters hence no interference.

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Final Verdict

The magical doorbell has certain features that caught my eyes such as it doesn’t require any batteries for the receivers.

Additionally, the two receivers are in the kit and have an affordable price. This doorbell is pretty easy to set up; the two receiver just needs to be plugged in and the transmitter placed by the front door.

Other things that I like about this doorbell is the volume deepening, and you can choose the level you want, and it has 52 melodies.

Overall, I’m pleased with this product and l would recommend this product to many users who are looking for an affordable doorbell.

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Jacob Jensen Wireless Doorbell Review

If you are still struggling with the ancient wired messy doorbells, then your struggle will be over once you purchase the Jacob Jensen wireless doorbell, which is wireless. The wired doorbells are past the new era, and you need to be up-to-date with this new wireless doorbell.

The Jacob Jensen wireless doorbell will put to an end having to put up with one boring chime from your outdated doorbell. This doorbell has five chimes that you can choose from, from time to time to avoid boring chimes in your home. To be honest, Jacob Jensen is new wireless doorbell and award Winning Modern Design doorbell.


If you find people frequently laughing at your doorbell every time they pass by your door, then it is a high time to change into this new doorbell. The Jacob Jensen wireless doorbell has a sleek and stylish design that people will not stop admiring as they pass by your door. From the following discussion you will easily understand how to choose wireless doorbell.

Good Looking Design

The Jacob Jensen wireless doorbell is designed in a sleek and stylish manner that makes the visitors that come by your house to admire the unique design of the doorbell.

The design is modern and far from the prior designs that were used on doorbells, and it is more than what you would wish for in a doorbell and gives you more reason to have it on your door. The doorbell comes in different sizes that fit the size you need for your house.

Numerous Receivers

The Jacob Jensen doorbell can support numerous receivers that can be purchased along the one chime receiver in the package to suit the size of your home.

You can program the chime receivers with different chimes from one door to the other doors, and this will ensure that one can differentiate the various bells ringing at various doors. Therefore you will not take long to tell where the visitor is.

Easy Installation

The doorbell is easy to install due to its wireless feature that does not need wasting much time installing the wires.

The doorbell is easily mounted on the door wall within a few minutes without requiring external help from technicians. The doorbell comes with a manual that has easy steps that one can follow, and it has illustrations that are easy to follow.

High Volume Chimes

It is simple to install the door with various chimes, and the volume is adjustable to high levels that can be heard on various floors.

The doorbell has a high volume that surpasses various doorbells that have been used earlier the volume can be heard in over twelve floors in a building when there is loud music, and also hen one is bathing.


This doorbell is known to withstand harsh weather conditions, and it can stay for a very long time without requiring frequent repairs after its installation.

The doorbells also come with batteries that can serve you for more than two years without requiring replacement. The volume of the doorbell remains high for a long time without requiring you to replace it with another chime receiver.


  • It is durable and dependable
  • It has a high volume.
  • The doorbell has a sleek design.
  • It comes with a warranty.
  • It is affordable.


  • Comes with only one chime and button per package.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the doorbell available globally?

A: Yes, the doorbell is available online and can be shipped to all countries globally.

Q: Can the doorbell have several receivers and buttons?

A: Yes, the doorbell can be used with various receivers and buttons as necessary. 

Q: Can the doorbell be connected with an AC power source? 

A: Yes, it is possible to connect the doorbell with an AC power source. 

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Final Verdict

The doorbell goes beyond the expectations that anyone has on doorbells since its design is above expectation and different in every possible way.

The volume of the doorbell is high, so you can’t miss visitors no matter what activity you are busy doing that with the prior doorbells you would not hear.

The various chimes in the doorbell enhance the environment o your home since they are unique and far from the obvious ding-dong chime in other doorbells. The wireless feature in it makes even more marketable since people are tired of the wired messy doorbells.

The doorbell has a sleek design that makes it attractive to you and the visitors, and you cannot afford not purchasing this doorbell.

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Homasy Wireless Doorbell Review

The Homasy doorbell is an exceptional wireless doorbell that simply stands out for itself! It is one of the most sold and bought doorbell.

Homasy doorbell has outstanding properties, and no single user can complain that it has provided less or unpleasant service to them.


This particular doorbell is cheap/ affordable with a decent and durable design that makes it aesthetically desirable.

It is well equipped with some unique features such as its waterproof transmitter and the fact that it does not use any batteries for the receiver.

Its package has everything required, such as two screws, two receivers, adhesive tape and two anchors, for the setup. Also, it has a total of 52 ringtones from which one can choose. Get more about the features of this doorbell in this review.

Ease Of Operation

Operating a doorbell should not be difficult. This is why the designer of this product ensured that you get an easy to use product. The design of this doorbell makes it easy for the users to have an easy operation especially when it comes to leaving a message. Its compartment located at the bottom of the transmitter, your visitors can leave you a message and you can also leave a message for your visitors.


Do not expect to experience trouble installing this doorbell. Its installation process is pretty easier as compared to other doorbells. All you require is plugging the receiver to the electrical outlet and then install the transmitter. Again, you do not need any batteries for the main receiver.

Another interesting thing about this unit is that you can customize it with a number of transmitters and receivers to suit your requirements.

Led Flashlight Alert

Not all doorbells come with LED alerts, but this model is exceptional. The transmitter button of the unit features LED light for alerts. When the light turns blue, you get an additional alert and when it is white it indicates a friendly alert.


This doorbell has a quite satisfactory range. The range of this doorbell is up to 1000 feet in any open space. This is an indication that you will never miss your visitors at any given time. This range makes the device perfect for using in nursing residents and other related places.

Adjustable Volume

You will also enjoy the 52 chime options that are provided which also include 16 chords. Again, you can adjust the volume to 4 levels by adjusting the button to the ideal level you want.

Waterproof Transmitter

The transmitter of the unit is designed with a water resistant material so water cannot damage it. The bottom of the transmitter features a compartment that gives your visitors the opportunity to leave you messages.


  • It is affordable.
  • Durable and modern designed.
  • Ease of installation and use.
  • Provided with a flashlight.
  • It has two receivers.
  • It has a waterproof transmitter, IP55.
  • 52 ringtones and a range of up to 1000 feet.


  • It uses no batteries and thus the receiver must be plugged in.
  • Some customers may dislike the design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the doorbell work even through a masonry wall?

A: Yes, the doorbell works perfectly through most materials, even through a masonry wall.

Q: What is the voltage range for the receiver?

A: It has a voltage of 110- 220 V.

Q: Can two push buttons be used, one for the rear and one for the front door?

A: Yes, provided the push button is wireless.

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Final Verdict

Doorbells play a significant role in any home. For those people who want to have a quality wireless doorbell, the Homasy Wireless Doorbell is an admirable product to purchase.

This is a top quality product that has a good-looking appearance and it also comes at a very pocket-friendly price. The unit is also designed with durable materials to enhance its lifespan.

The features of this unit are unique and this makes it easy to use. Get this exceptional wireless doorbell and you will love using it. It is a product that beats many units on the market.

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GE 19300 Wireless Door Chime Review

Door chimes are rising in popularity in most households, and they are available in both wired and wireless models. If you are a person looking for a wireless door chime, or you cannot afford to lose your visitors, the Ge 19300 wireless door chime is all you need.

The product is made with great innovation to greet your visitors at any time of the day with charming and lovely tunes that include rock, classics and a wide range of melodies.


The Ge 19300 wireless door chime is easy to install in multiple doors, and it is a programmable door chime that you can personally program the sounds and give a whole new feel in your home.

This door chime is the perfect way to skip the messy wired chimes and start enjoying the impressive wireless chime.

It comes with a wireless chime and two buttons that are easy to operate. The good thing is that the chime has an adjustable volume ranging from low, medium and high volumes to suit your preference.

Easy Installation

The Ge 19300 wireless door chime is easy to install since it does not require wiring. You can install in multiple doors without requiring you to hire more than one expect since he or she will only need a few minutes to install it.

Its installation is easy in that you can also personally install it after reading the manual provided once you purchase it.

Easy To Operate

The Ge 19300 wireless door chime is easy to operate, and it does not require technical training. All you need is to go through the easy to understand manual provided, and you are good to go.

The manual provides you with easy steps to follow to program the door chime with the tunes and adjust the volume that you prefer, and you only require to read the manual once since the steps are simple.


Once you purchase the Ge 19300 wireless door chime, you can be sure that it will last and serve you and your visitors for as long as like since once it is carefully installed it does not require frequent repairs

The chimes are made in such a way that they can serve for as long as ten plus years since the tunes are up to date, and the customer’s preference is at the top of their priority to give your home a whole new feel.

Battery Operated Push Buttons

The chime comes with two battery operated push buttons but if you need additional buttons, you can purchase them separately. Additionally, you will also get one plug-in chime.

Variety Of Melodies

The Ge 19300 wireless door chime comes with a variety of melodies in the chime that can be programmed easily. The melodies include Mozart, ding-dong, Westminster, knocks, good vibes, patriotic, tango and fanfare. The buttons are set in such a way that each can have a different tune to differentiate location example the back and the front door.


  • The chime volume is easy to adjust.
  • It is wireless thus no wiring is required.
  • It has a variety of tunes to suit the customer’s preference.
  • Can be used along with more than two push buttons from the manufacturers.
  • It is durable.


  • You can only program one tune at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it possible to add more tunes in the chime?

A: No, the device cannot be receive nor send tunes from or to another device.

Q: Does the door chime withstand rain or extreme weather conditions?

A: No, it should be kept in a place that it is not directly exposed to rain or sunlight as it can fade or even short out once rain gets into the buttons.

Q: Does it come with a range of colors?

A: No, currently the product comes with only one color that is white. 

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Final Verdict

Purchasing the Ge 19300 wireless door chime is a choice that you will never regret making since the range of melodies in the chime and its volume is loud enough and it is lovely to change the environment of your home.

The durability of the product is guaranteed, and it comes with a one year warranty. All you need to do is install and keep it at the conditions mentioned in the manual that is provided, and it will serve you.

The package comes with one chimes receiver and two buttons and where necessary one can add other buttons. The buttons use 3 C batteries.

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Easy Acc Doorbell Review

I do not fancy surprises or being caught off guard and more so in my house. Over the years, I indulge in my tedious search for a perfect doorbell for my household.

While I almost gave up, a friend suggested an EasyAcc doorbell. It is now over five year of continuously using this device and to be honest it’s amazing.

easy-acc-doorbellFrom the outstanding features to performance it has my stamp of approval and would gladly recommend it to anyone.

A door bell is a small yet very important home appliance that’s a must for both style and use. It gives you the privilege of organizing yourself to receive guests. It exhibits the following amazing features:

Easy To Install

It’s very easy to install, with only the push button on the door other compartments are inside the house. This helps you know who is calling at your doorstep even when you are busy working in other rooms. After installation, it has the instant ability to start functioning seamlessly by only operating the push button.

Protective Design

It ensures that the unit is well shielded from being in good use for longer period without becoming faulty. Has a durable heavy duty casing that houses the transmitter using a water repellent and dust proof finish. This guarantees a long life with consistently good results.

Variety Of Ringtones

This unit has an amazing musical bell with 36 inbuilt ringtones at your disposal, alerting you of a visitor you need to attend to. You are at liberty to select the tone of your choice and adjust your volume accordingly. The inbuilt stereo speakers help in producing a clear quality sound.


Well, I know some homes and offices could be large with many rooms you can operate from. This door bell is adequate for use in any location because the ringing which is well audible within a 100 meters, alerting you of a visitor. Besides this, it uses a cordless setup that is classy with no hassle of dealing with cords.


It’s super efficient with immense functions and style all for better performance of the device. Has a reliable push button that flashes an LED light when ringing, even the hearing impaired know someone is calling at the door. It also has a wide application as it can be used at home, in offices, hotels, factories among others.


  • It requires no wires or cords to start running, only uses coded signals.
  • Very portable, you can move and place it as much as you want.
  • Available in different chimes and designs.
  • It last long with good performance.
  • It’s a good value for your money.


  • The unit is battery powered, and the charge may go down, or battery detaches out of your knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can the doorbell be used with a door camera?

A: Yes, the doorbell can be used hand in hand with the camera to alert you of a visitor calling at your doorstep.

Q: Is a wireless doorbell better than a wired doorbell?

A: Yes, Innovation has brought the wireless doorbell that is more portable, convenient in use and easy to run.

Q: Can you adequate rely on this unit without failure?

A: This doorbell can be used all year round, but the rechargeable batteries should be routinely checked for the unit to remain in use without fail.

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Final verdict

The market may have a variety to offer, but this unit is always a win for me due to its incredible performance.

From my personal experience and customer feedback, an EasyAcc doorbell has over the years gained popularity among many homeowners as it helps secure you home alongside the cameras. The doorbell allows you to know who is visiting without having to open the door for them.

This device is highly efficient and awesome while in use all because the manufacturer has strived hard to give satisfactory products to customers.

I will without fear of contradiction suggest this very reliable device to any home owner. It has help me manage my home sufficiently all credit to its quality, functionality, and efficiency. Try this doorbell and be sure to refer your friends to acquire it over and over. It is a wonderful product.

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