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I do not fancy surprises or being caught off guard and more so in my house. Over the years, I indulge in my tedious search for a perfect doorbell for my household.

While I almost gave up, a friend suggested an EasyAcc doorbell. It is now over five year of continuously using this device and to be honest it’s amazing.

From the outstanding features to performance it has my stamp of approval and would gladly recommend it to anyone.

A door bell is a small yet very important home appliance that is a must for both style and use. It gives you the privilege of organizing yourself to receive guests. It exhibits the following amazing features:

Easy To Install

It’s very easy to install, with only the push button on the door other compartments are inside the house. This helps you know who is calling at your doorstep even when you are busy working in other rooms. After installation, it has the instant ability to start functioning seamlessly by only operating the push button.

Protective Design

It ensures that the unit is well shielded from being in good use for a longer period without becoming faulty. Has a durable heavy duty casing that houses the transmitter using a water repellent and dust proof finish. This guarantees a long life with consistently good results.

Variety Of Ringtones

This unit has an amazing musical bell with 36 inbuilt ringtones at your disposal, alerting you of a visitor you need to attend to. You are at liberty to select the tone of your choice and adjust your volume accordingly. The inbuilt stereo speakers help in producing a clear quality sound.


Well, I know some homes and offices could be large with many rooms you can operate from. This door bell is adequate for use in any location because the ringing which is well audible within a 100 meters, alerting you of a visitor. Besides this, it uses a cordless setup that is classy with no hassle of dealing with cords.


It is super efficient with immense functions and style all for better performance of the device. Has a reliable push button that flashes an LED light when ringing, even the hearing impaired know someone is calling at the door. It also has a wide application as it can be used at home, in offices, hotels, factories among others.



  • It requires no wires or cords to start running, only uses coded signals.
  • Very portable, you can move and place it as much as you want.
  • Available in different chimes and designs.
  • It last long with good performance.
  • It is a good value for your money.


  • The unit is battery powered, and the charge may go down, or battery detaches out of your knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can the doorbell be used with a door camera?

A: Yes, the doorbell can be used hand in hand with the camera to alert you of a visitor calling at your doorstep.

Q: Is a wireless doorbell better than a wired doorbell?

A: Yes, Innovation has brought the wireless doorbell that is more portable, convenient in use and easy to run.

Q: Can you adequate rely on this unit without failure?

A: This doorbell can be used all year round, but the rechargeable batteries should be routinely checked for the unit to remain in use without fail.

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Final Verdict

The market may have a variety to offer, but this unit is always a win for me due to its incredible performance.

From my personal experience and customer feedback, an EasyAcc doorbell has over the years gained popularity among many homeowners as it helps secure you home alongside the cameras. The doorbell allows you to know who is visiting without having to open the door for them.

This device is highly efficient and awesome while in use all because the manufacturer has strived hard to give satisfactory products to customers.

I will without fear of contradiction suggest this very reliable device to any home owner. It has helped me manage my home sufficiently all credit to its quality, functionality, and efficiency. Try this doorbell and be sure to refer your friends to acquire it over and over. It is a wonderful product.

David Echols

David Echols

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