How to Connect Ring Doorbell to Wifi

The ring doorbell nowadays has become recognized among individuals who are concerned about security. The ring doorbell is a high-tech device that can enhance your protection measures. Unlike any ordinary security bell, the ring doorbell is quite advanced.

If you have also bought a nice ring doorbell, you need to connect it to your Wi-Fi. But many people find it challenging. For this reason, we are here to direct you through the procedure of how to connect ring doorbell to Wi-Fi.

What does Ring doorbell do?

A Ring doorbell is a high-tech smart doorbell that will allow you to monitor anyone standing at your door, even when you are not home. You can see the person and even speak to him through this doorbell. People who require ultimate safety can use this doorbell.

Why is it required to connect the ring doorbell to Wi-Fi?

If you don’t connect your Wi-Fi to the Ring Doorbell, you will not get the necessary information and your monitoring attempt might be at stake. So, you should always connect your doorbell with your Wi-Fi to ensure 100% safety.

Now, follow these steps one by one to ensure a proper connection between the Wi-Fi and Your Ring doorbell-

1) Set up a ring doorbell near the Wi-Fi

You must set up your ring doorbell on the wall near the Wi-Fi connection and fully charge it before starting the connection process. It is significant since you don’t want to get weak signal notifications during the procedure. Besides, if you get a smooth Wi-Fi connection, you will not have to face any hassle while connecting your doorbell to the Wi-Fi.

2) Install the Ring app

You will require the Ring app to connect the doorbell with the Wi-Fi. If you haven’t downloaded the ring app on your device, you can follow these steps to complete the installation. Firstly, open the App store on IOS or the Play store on Android. Secondly, search by the Ring app name. Finally, click install and wait as the app will take some time to download.

3) Login or create an account

After installation, open the Ring app. You will see two alternatives (Login in or Create an account) popping up on the screen. If you already have a Ring ID, you can log in with the username and password. But if you don’t have an ID, choose the “Create an account” option. You can easily create an account within a few minutes. Just give your full name, username, email, and password to create the account.

4) Set up your device on the app

You can now see the “Set a device” option on your screen after logging in. Click on it, and the app will ask you to select a device. Select the model of your Ring doorbell here. Now, input the MAC ID barcode or scan the QR code with your Android or IOS. You can find both the barcode and QR code at the back of your doorbell. But if you don’t see any code, you can find it in the packaging details or user manual guide. If you are still facing trouble, then just skip the part by clicking “Set up without scanning”.

5) Add your location and information

After linking your doorbell with the app, the app will ask for your location now. Don’t hesitate to click ‘Allow” here since it’s significant for the app to access your location. After adding specific details, the app will ask you to give a name now. Just pick any name from the suggestions or put a suitable name to make your device distinctive from other devices.

6) Press the orange button and go to setup mode

After the app setup, you will now need to set up your ring doorbell. You can do this by clicking on the yellow button situated at the back of your ring doorbell. If you see a white light turning off and on, Press “Continue” on your phone. It will take the device to the final stage.

7) Connect the app to the ring doorbell

This stage is for the IOS users as they always need to add additional information to set up different things. You will see a join option on your phone. Click on it and select the Wi-Fi network to connect your ring doorbell with the ring app. Whereas, Android users will get automatically connected after clicking “Join”.

8) Connect the doorbell to the Wi-Fi

At the final stage, you need to connect your ring doorbell to the Wi-Fi. Stay near your Wi-Fi and open your ring app. Select your Wi-Fi network and press “Continue” after giving the password. Finally, your ring doorbell will connect to your Wi-Fi now. When the ring doorbell connects with Wi-Fi, it will start updating and you will see the white light turned on. Once the update finishes, the light will turn off and you can put an end to your process.

9) Re-check the connection

You can re-check the connection later by clicking the front button of your doorbell. You will get a call on your phone indicating that the doorbell is operating smoothly. Sometimes, the Wi-Fi can lose connection with the doorbell. So, you need to keep re-checking once in a while to ensure everything is okay!


With this step-by-step instruction guide, you can easily connect your ring doorbell with the Wi-Fi. It will take time at first, but if you do it once, you can easily set up multiple devices later.

Now, enjoy your secure connection with Wi-Fi and monitor various locations through the Ring doorbell.

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