How to do Tenswall Doorbell Pairing

Tenswall doorbells have extended in popularity recently. These doorbells can be a valuable asset for people who yearn for security. The doorbells contain many significant features like night vision, audio, different chimes, and other kinds of stuff.

If you also have a Tenswall doorbell, you may encounter issues while pairing it. But no worries, as we will tell you how to do Tenswall doorbell pairing in this article. You can follow these steps to pair, sync, or connect your doorbell.

What is the specialty of the Tenswall doorbell?

The Tenswall doorbell can multiply your safety measures from the minute you install it. You can check whoever is at your door and get a notification on your app or hear the chime ringtone when someone pushes the doorbell button. Compared to other doorbells on the market, the Tenswall doorbell is easier to use, install, connect, pair, and lasts for a long time. Besides, the parts are also available, and you can also find the battery every time it runs out!

Why is it necessary to pair the Tenswall doorbell?

Without pairing, your doorbell is just useless. By pairing, we mean making a connection between the doorbell push button and the chime outlet. If you don’t pair the doorbell, you will not get any notification when someone presses the push button outside your door since the chime will not receive any signal from the push button. For this reason, it is significant to pair the Tenswall doorbell and make a proper connection between the chime and the push button.

How Do I Install My Tenswall Doorbell?

Tenswall doorbells usually come with a manual guide. You can look at it to get accurate information regarding installation and everything related to that. However, if you don’t find anything related to this, you can follow these guidelines-

Insert the batteries: Take the accurate batteries according to your doorbell and accurately insert them into the battery holder. Do not forget to do it in the correct order, or else the doorbell will not get any power supply.

Fix them to your wall: After inserting the batteries, get the necessary things to attach the doorbell push button and the chime to their required walls. Carefully tighten the screws and make sure no end is loose!

Sync the push button and chime: Look at the back of the doorbell. You will see two buttons. One with a music symbol is for the chime ringtone settings, and the other is for the chime control settings. Push the chime control settings and select the chime module. You can now sync the push button and chime by pushing at the center of your push button.

Choose the chime ringtone: You can select the chime ringtone you want by clicking on the chime ringtone settings. You can choose between multiple ringtones in the Tenswall doorbell. Select the suitable ringtone according to your type and make sure the tone is fine for you. You can change the ringtone anytime you want using the same approach.

By following these steps, you can complete the installation process of the Tenswall Doorbell.

How Do I Pair My Tenswall Doorbell Chime?

Pairing the doorbell with the Chime is the most effortless task to do. By following some basic steps, you can do it within a few seconds. By pairing, we mean connecting or syncing the doorbell push button and chime outlet. These two things are the significant parts of the doorbell, and without pairing them, you can’t get any notification when someone pushes the button outside the door.

The process of pairing:

  • Turn the doorbell and look for the chime settings button at the back.
  • Push that chime settings doorbell button for a few seconds until the light blinks.
  • Go to the Tenswall app and put it on pairing mode.
  • If the phone is in pairing mode, press the pairing button at the back of the chime outlet.
  • Press the chime pairing button for a few seconds until it constantly turns on and off.
  • If you see a notification called paired on your mobile app, it will mean the pairing is complete.
  • Push the bell button to check if it works or not. If you hear the chime ringing after pushing the bell, it will mean the pairing is successful.

How to Connect the Tenswall Doorbell to Wi-Fi

1) Keep Tenswall doorbell close to the Wi-Fi

A smooth Wi-Fi connection will ensure no errors during the process. It can only happen if you keep the doorbell close to the Wi-Fi.

2) Insert your device into the Tenswall app

Download the Tenswall app if you haven’t done it yet. Open the app and log in to your account or create an account (If you don’t have one). Now, go to “Find a Device” and input or scan the code of your doorbell in the app. You will find the code at the back of the doorbell or in the user manual.

3) Input Information

Input your information in the app now alongside your location. After that, give a proper name to your device!

4) Setup the device

Click on the button at the back of the doorbell to set up your device. You will see a white light Blinking. Now, press “Continue” on your app to go to the last task!

5) Connect the doorbell to the Wi-Fi

You can select your Wi-Fi name now and add a strong password. After that, select “Continue” to connect the Tenswall doorbell to the Wi-Fi. After that, the doorbell will take a short update for 30 seconds so that it can complete the process!


After reading the above instructions in the article, you can know how to do Tenswall doorbell pairing. You can always find this information in the user manual guide. But some manual guides are not written well. For this reason, we made the guide as easy as we could for you to understand.

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