How To Fix Doorbell- 4 steps and required tools to fix a doorbell

A malfunctioning doorbell can be a matter of disturbance. Sometimes it can start ringing even though no one pressed the button. Some other times we see that the bell is not ringing even after pressing hard several times. Well, a doorbell does not function well when there is a problem with the button, chime, wiring, or the transformer of the bell. Non-technical people think they should change the doorbell whereas they can fix the doorbell by themselves. If you have also faced issues with your doorbell recently, you have come to the right place. This article will tell you how to detect the issue and how to fix the doorbell quickly. After reading this article, you can do it yourself. 

How to fix a doorbell in a perfect way

Tools Required

Before going into detail about how to repair a doorbell, I would introduce you to the tools that you will need while repairing the doorbell by yourself. You may not need all the tools for every issue. However, in general, you have to keep some tools that will need in most cases. Here is the list of tools you will need.  

  • Non-contact voltage tester – to detect the voltage without touching the wire you need a non-contact voltage tester.
  • 4-in-1 screwdriver – to turn the screws a screwdriver is a must.
  • Electrical tape – It is pressure-sensitive tape. To insulate or conceal the metal part of the wire electrical tape is a good option. 
  • Wire stripper/cutter – You need a cutter or wire stripper to cut the wire. 
  • Flashlight – To keep the focus in the right place, a flashlight is a basic need. 
  • 18 gauge wire

Steps to Follow:

Like all other repairing works, repairing the doorbell also has several steps. Sometimes repairing a doorbell takes professional expertise and take time. You need to examine the doorbell well at first. If the problem is something that you cannot handle, then call a mechanic. Otherwise, you can give yourself a chance to repair it. Following are some basic steps that can help you to repair your doorbell by yourself. 

Inspect the Wiring

If your doorbell is not working well, then there might be an issue with the wiring. To fix that you have to inspect the wiring first. Look thoroughly if there is any damage. However, it is not possible for anyone to scrutinize the wiring as it remains hidden. If you find the wire is broken at some places, that means here the connection has been lost. It takes not more than a minute to find the damage. Just look for a broken part over the sheath. There are 3 separate wires inside the sheath. Broken wire can be repaired by stripping and rejoining. You can use a utility knife to slice the sheath and see the wire inside to find out if the wire is broken or not. 

Bypass the Button

Open the doorbell button to inspect if there are any malfunctioning parts. Unscrew the button. Take the doorbell out of the door frame and look at the back of the doorbell. Take the wires out and touch them together. If it works, the bell will chime. The problem is with the button. If the bell does not chime, then the transformer or wiring is not working. 

Check the Chime

As I said before, you have to compare each and every part of the bell to come to the decision about where the problem is. To check the chime, remove the chime cover. Some covers are screwed and for some others, you can just lift them off. The general rule is, that if the doorbell is okay, the armature rods inside it will strike the metal bars to create sound. So, at first, remove the chime cover and test the power voltage. If the tester lights up but the armatures remain static, then clean them. You can use rubbing alcohol. Look if all the wires are strongly connected to the panel. If you see the wires are connected properly, you can go for a completely new chime.

Test the Transformer

The transformer helps the high voltage power become compatible with the bell. If the transformer does not work properly it may cause a spark because of the overflow of electricity. So, repairing the transformer is extremely crucial. At first, test the transformer using a low voltage test light. The light of tester will light up if it is okay. Otherwise, you have to replace it. Though a transformer can be placed in any place of your home, it is mostly located at the junction box. Test the wires if they are well connected to the transformer or not. The transformers that are mounted on the junction box can be replaced easily. You can do it yourself. If your doorbell transformer is on the main panel near your heating and cooling area, then you should call a professional mechanic. Make sure the electricity is passing properly through the wire. If you find no problems are found after different tests, the problem can be with the wire inside the wall. In that case, we recommend changing the doorbell system. Go wireless. 

How to Fix Doorbell Conclusion

The repairing system of wired and wireless doorbells is different. You may need to apply different tricks to get it repaired. If the problem is with something basic, you can do it yourself. Otherwise, we recommend calling a professional repair technician.

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