Athlon Optics Midas ED

Binoculars are an essential tool for any wildlife photographer. Being able to view objects at close proximity from yards away is really helpful. Often times during a wildlife tour, photographers have to stay idle in one position and monitor or look for their subject they want to capture. Instead of zooming with the camera, binoculars are much more convenient and useful.

Choosing the right binocular can be a bit of an issue. You can’t go to the store and check out each option available yourself unless you can rent them for checking. Therefore, to help you with picking the right product, we have researched and a written review on one of the best binocular that is currently available in the market.

Athlon Optics Midas ED, with its 400+ positive reviews, is one of the best binocular under $400. It is an advanced, high performant, and durable binocular for all types of long-distance traveling needs. Read out the full review to learn to know whether you need it or not and why we think it is the best value for money.

Design & Build

The Athlon Midas looks very simple, modern, and is also very compact. Athlon has put a lot of thought into designing this binocular. The chassis is made of lightweight magnesium. It will give generate the strength of metal while being close to 35% less heavy. On top, the binocular is coated with rubber material for added durability. It also acts as a non-slip surface and gives an excellent grip, even in bad weather conditions.

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Vision, Clarity, Weather stability

Binoculars are supposed to be weatherproof and should work just fine in rough conditions. The Midas binocular checks all marks in being perfectly usable in extreme weather conditions. The argon purging process allows this binocular to have better waterproofing and thermal stability. Also, it is fog proof, so you won’t see faded glass when using it during the winter seasons.

The Midas Binocular scores are high in its vision and clarity aspects. Because of its specialized glass, this binocular can produce really clear and vivid visuals. It significantly outperforms some of its competitors, and if you want clear visibility, then this product is definitely worth it.

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Adjustment & Comfort

The Midas Binocular has a good field of view and is very comfortable to look into for a longer period of time. You can possibly mount a tripod in case you want to keep it steady on a particular subject. The tripod mount may not be noticeable at first, and you may not even notice unless you are looking for it. Look for it in the front of the hinge beneath the Athlon logo.

Some customers have complains about the ease of adjustment of this binocular. Adjusting the knob might need a little bit of twisting with pressure to get it properly positioned. Because the exterior is covered with rubber, trying to fix the eyepiece lens cover, you might feel slippery. This makes the task more difficult. While adjusting, some parts may even come off, which isn’t a big issue, as you can always put it back together. But be aware of losing it.

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Focus & View

The focus and range of the Midas Binucolars are excellent. At close range, it can show 6.5foot distanced objects. And the field of view is 426feet, which is really impressive. You can easily look into tall buildings or even stand on a mountain and look down or into the further front. The company claims to have a high definition viewing angle, meaning it should show more clarity and sharper views.

Because of the 8.1 degrees angle viewing capability, Athlon has managed to achieve a 426feet wide viewing distance. This will be more appreciated by the birders, as they need to be on the lookout for birds from a further distance. It will be really convenient for looking monitoring any area and observing the wildlife in a large viewing frame.

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Cleaning the Midas ED binocular is very simple and easy. As the outer layer is rubber build, you can just and the overall construction is fairly plain looking, you won’t have any issues with water washing it. Also, it is waterproof, so there is no fear of water getting into the lenses.


  • Clear visuals
  • Durable build construction
  • Compact shape


  • Fairly expensive
  • Adjusting the knob might be a bit difficult
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Final Thoughts

Even though there are other binoculars available that can outperform the Midas ED, but those will cost you more than 2x times the money. And the performance regarding visuals won’t be even that drastic. With an extensive clear field of view and lightweight durable build quality, this binocular is definitely worth it. So, if you are in the market for a premium binocular for wildlife travels, consider looking into this product.

Julia Lluch

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