Amazon Basics Sport Laptop Backpack

Amazon Basics Sport Laptop Backpack

Low on budget? Well, if you are reading this, then probably you’ve already heard about AmazonBasics and curious to know if it’s something you can really use. For quite some time, Amazon has been making these budget-friendly products labeled AmazonBasics. These are intended to not stand out of the crowd, be very cheap, and get the job done flawlessly. We were looking for an affordable backpack for a while, but none seemed to impress us. However, after spending more time, we finally stumbled upon this backpack from Amazon that did everything we wanted for a very cheap price. We will be reviewing the Amazon Basics Sports Laptop Backpack. This product has over 1500+ ratings with 5 on 5 stars. Read this entire review to see if it’s worth your money. Also, if you need a backpack buying guide, then consider reading our article on how to choose a backpack. It should help you get a good overview of what to consider before making the purchase.

Design & Aesthetics

This bag will impress no one. The Amazon Basics laptop bag is not the most aesthetical bag you will come across. That being said, this backpack isn’t bad either. It is a low-budget average looking bag that gets your job done.

The branding is surprisingly minimal. Unlike the older versions from a few years ago, which had Amazon branding on all chains, this one only has those in two spots. You will get an Amazon Basics logo on the front top side of the bag. And the second one is hidden behind at the bottom.

The zipper isn’t anything like the YKKs you’d find in more expensive alternatives. However, it does work properly with some minor inconveniences from time to time. Regarding the colors, we really like the fact that Amazon offers quite a few options. In total, you can choose from eight colors. These are black, blue, graphite, grey, hyper green, navy blue, pink, and red. We would recommend you go in either black or navy blue. Those look more premium than the others.

Considering the size, it looks bulky even when it’s empty. And as you put more stuff, it will get bulkier. Though, this bag is compliant with most airlines, so that’s a relief if you are considering buying it for traveling.

The material used is completely polyester, which means it should last for quite some time. Using polyester also makes it more flexible, durable, and lightweight. However, this material is cheap and does feel like so. Therefore, don’t expect to impress someone with this backpack.

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The comfort level is also average. You are basically getting what you are paying for. The padding is fine but not enough. The back straps have about half an inch of padding, which does give you some level of comfort. However, the back padding isn’t enough. As you put more stuff into the main compartment, it starts to put pressure on your back. Unless you distribute the weight on all main compartments, you won’t have a comfortable time. There might even be some level of bending on the cardboard, as some users complained. There is no separate strap for the chest, but loosening the back straps compensate for the adjustability.

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The backpack will hold up just fine as long as you are not cramming it with loads of weight. It does do more than just carrying school stuff, but can’t handle too much pressure over the long run. And the bottom part is not properly cushioned. So if you drop the bag hard on the floor, don’t expect your laptop to be in its pristine condition.

This backpack is not water-resistant. But it does tend to hold up pretty well during rain. The internal compartment where you’d put the electronics did stay dry. So don’t worry about rainwater ruining your devices.

Regarding the construction, the entire backpack is well put together. But the chains and back straps might show signs of tears over the long run. If you put too much weight, the straps might tear off. So be careful about it. Also, don’t force too much stuff inside that it gets stressful for the chains to close properly. This can damage the chains.

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The only place where this Amazon Basics backpack shines is in its functionality. This bag is very spacious. It can hold more than just some school and gym items. In fact, you could use it as an alternative to suitcases. If you are traveling for a few days and don’t want to load up weeks’ worth of dresses, then this backpack might be a suitable candidate. Some customers did give their review on how they used it as an alternative to suitcases.

This backpack has two external water bottle holders. These are held with an elastic band, so large sizes can also fit in just fine. Plus, you can use the straps to keep them in place. One of the back straps also has a pocket. It’s fairly small, so you can use it to hold pens or smaller things similar to it.

Regarding the organization, it does offer a lot of space to work with. It has three large compartments with the two being the primary ones. All the compartments open half so that nothing falls off during opening. At the very front, it houses a smaller compartment. It has rooms and separations for organizing all your accessories. And at the very top, it has a very small space where you can put in your sunglasses or smartphone. You can consider it as quick access storage.

Regarding the main compartment, it has a dedicated section for carrying a laptop. That part is padded nicely and should protect from any damages. However, it will get a bit difficult to put in larger laptops. A 16-inch laptop will fit in just fine. But for 17-inch laptops, you might need to put a bit more effort. If the bag is full, then it might get harder to properly place it. Other than that, there’s no significant issue. In all larger compartments, you can fit in a few days worth of clothes and some books if you plan to travel.

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  • Best value for money
  • Can fit in a lot of things
  • Very practical and organizational compartments
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
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  • Made using cheap materials
  • Gets bulkier as you put more stuff
  • Can be a bit difficult to put larger laptops
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Final Thoughts

If you are a student and want something that’s not expensive but will serve the purpose well, then this bag is for you. It will fit well in the school campus or even in an office environment. This backpack is functional, durable, and is backed by Amazon’s 1-year warranty. All in all, we highly recommend this backpack for anyone on a budget.

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