BenQ HT2050A 1080P Home Theater Projector Review

When we talk about watching High Definition cinema at home, usually we think of big OLED TVs. You might assume to have a 55” or even a 65” monitor mounted to the wall. One issue with these high-quality large TVs is that they are really expensive. Instead, using a good projector, you could watch movies in whatever size and location you want. TVs are fixed in a single position. Also, you can’t stretch a TV to match the size of your wall.

In this article, we will be looking into one of the popular projectors for home theater currently available in the market right now. We are talking about the BenQ HT2050A, which is a 1080p home theater projector. This projector currently has over 600+ ratings on Amazon, with over 80% 5 Stars and numerous positive reviews. For a cheaper alternative, look at Xgimi Mogo Pro.


If you are familiar with how a typical projector looks, then the BenQ HT2050A won’t surprise you. It looks similar to other projectors of its category and also functions the same. Button layout might also be what you would imaging from a home theater projector. But what’s special about this product lies in its internal specification, which, you will get to know more as you read through this article.

At a first glance, this projector looks very simple yet premium. It has a BenQ logo at the front beside the projection light, and also on the top part. Instead of having a boxy design, it is more towards a curved design.

The remote it comes with is backlit. It’s definitely useful, as you are going to use this projector mostly in darker environments.

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We don’t have any complaints regarding the connectivity of this projector. This device has more features than some other competitors. You can use the 1.5 amp output connection to run a streaming stick without outside power adapters. The option for legacy video input support is also something that’s really good to have.

You can use old gaming consoles or video players using this projector without needing to use extra adaptors. When you first get your hands-on to this device, and if projectors are new to you; then the wide array of port selections will surely overwhelm you. The back part is entirely dedicated to those ports. Consider using the user manual in case you don’t understand what does what.

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Lamp Life

The lamp won’t last indefinitely, you will need to replace it after a certain period of use. Operating this projector using the normal mode will give you 25000 hours of life in total. Using economic mode will extend it to 5000 and using the SmartEco mode you can get 7000 hours of lamp life.

In case you are concerned about saving the capacity of the lamp, consider using the economic mode. In regular use, we didn’t find any significant difference in the normal and economic mode. Therefore, to save the life you can definitely leave it in that mode. It is not going to perform like a real TV anyway.

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Picture Quality

Although not exactly like an OLED TV, it has respectably good picture quality. In fact, it is far better than other projectors in its range. It has a 1080p projection capability, with a brightness of 2200 lumens. While it’s 1080p, but the lumen count is less than advertised. According to the test, it is within the range of 1500 to 1600.

The brightness is very decent, but in broad daylight, it might be a slight issue. Projectors are meant to be used in low light environment and it works flawlessly in those conditions. Even in daylights, you can just close the curtains to stop lights from entering and can watch movies that way if you want. It will work fine. This projector also works fine with white backgrounds; however, a darker one will be always more preferred.

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Performance is no issue with this device. For us, it worked just as advertised. In normal mode, it will produce the maximum brightness, but in darker scenes, the lamp dims a bit. This shows the darker parts better, but not sure whether it is intentional or any system issue.

One issue that we really dislike is that you will hear the noise. If you are sitting beside this projector, then you will hear continuous machine noise coming out from it. You might get used to it after watching videos for a few minutes, but occasionally you will notice it and will get annoyed. We would recommend keeping the projector at least a few feet away to avoid this issue.


  • Great brightness and contract
  • Produces realistic colors
  • Supports legacy connections
  • Very easy to operate
  • Native 1080p support


  • Makes noise while being used
  • The lamp needs to be changed after a certain period of use
  • Not 4k compatible
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Final Thoughts

The BenQ HT2050A is overall a great projector. It certainly performs better than its competitors. But this product might not be for everyone. If you need a high-quality OLED-like output, then this is not the device for you. In fact, buy a TV instead of a projector, your money will be better spent there. But if you are someone who needs a big screen for gaming or watching movies, and needs something that is portable and can be placed anywhere in the house, then this product is for you. That being said, we think for the price and features, this projector is definitely worth it.

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