Birdrock home snow moover 55


Birdrock Home Snow Moover exchanges a bristly brush for a froth snow mover which is fit for getting a ton of snow off a vehicle rapidly. The tool breaks into pieces for capacity, settling on it a decent decision for more modest vehicles. One of the dismantled pieces is a hand scrubber, intended to be utilized all alone. Also, on the grounds that the Snow Moover utilizes a froth edge rather than a retentive brush, it’s less inclined to bring any snow into your vehicle and make puddles.

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Well, who does not want a durable product? When the matter is about a snow scraper it becomes much more important to buy a durable scrapper. This tool comes up with a promise. A promise to last longer than its contemporary rivals. This is why the manufacturer made this with ultimate care and the materials they used are unbeatable. The snow brush effectively eliminates day office from vehicle windshield, top, and hood. Outfitted with a pivoting head permitting you to set the brush at the ideal plot for the current task

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Not all people are of the same height. So what happens to the shorter people when they want to clean the snow from their cars? Well, they struggle. Keeping that thing in mind the company has brought a solution for them as well. They have no worry now. They can get an extendable snow scrapper that can be extended as their need. They can stretch it longer than usual. So, it will reach the spaces that they cannot reach with the normal size. The snow brush scrubber stretches out up to 55″ making the difficult to-arrive at pockets of snow reachable.

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Easy to Use

For a tool to be functional and easy to use is one of the basic criteria. Any tool should be both functional and executable. If any tool is not easy to use that does not provide what the user needs. The Ice Scraper includes an ice scrubber and jaws. Go through the jaws to break the ice, at that point utilize the scrubber to eliminate it. The ice scrubber is removable for quicker and simpler use. The snow scrubber accompanies 3 separate units- – Foam Head Snow Brush, Ice Scraper, and Telescoping extender. Piece it all together when being used or separate it for simple stockpiling when not in season

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The scraper is made for everyone. People with less energy also can use this easily. They can hold it and carry it without any problem. Because it is light in weight which makes it more convenient for the users. The user feels good while carrying it because it does not create any problem with the hand. The snow scrubber is furnished with froth holds for a more great touch yet lightweight enough for simple portability.

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Flexible Dimension

Yes, another important criterion of any tool is the flexible dimension. If the dimension is not flexible it will not be an efficient one for everyone. So, the manufacturer has made it with a 14” Width x 2” Depth x 55” Height (35.6cm W x 5.1cm D x 99.1cm H) Dimensions: 14” W x 2” D x 31” H (35.6cm W x 5.1cm D x 78.7cm H)

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Conquer winter

The purpose of the machine is to beat the winter. Yes, when heavy snowfalls everywhere in the city, it becomes harder to move around. However, using this scraper you can keep your car free from snow. You can easily conquer the winter. The froth head helps you eliminate snow rapidly and effectively. The ice scrubber and ice breaker combo permit you to get through thick layers of ice and eliminate it.

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A COMBO of Ice Scraper and Ice Breaker

If you look at the internet you will find two separate tools for these two tasks. You have to buy two separate tools for doing two tasks. However, you can do the booth using Birdrock Home Snow Moover. You can clean snow from your car and break the rocky ice as well. You don’t need to buy another tool for breaking the ice. You can do this job as well using this scraper. The brush includes a level ice scrubber and ice breaker jaws. Go through the jaws to break the ice, at that point utilize the scrubber to eliminate it. The ice scrubber is removable for quicker and simpler use.

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Foam Made Head

To make it more functional it has a foam head. The foam head is ideal for eliminating a lot of snow immediately without scratching your vehicle or truck.

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270″ Rotating Head

If you have experience using a scraper you must have seen how the neck of the scraper gets stuck and cannot move after a certain rotation. But in this scraper, you will come to an end of this problem. You can rotate the head of the scraper by 270 degrees. It allows the tool to reach the spaces that are unimaginable. Outfitted with a turning head permitting you to set the brush at the ideal plot for the current task.

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Detachable Snow Brush & Ice Scraper

Each piece of the snow brush is separable so you can utilize it simpler in explicit circumstances. The separable parts additionally make the brush minimized and overly simple to store in your vehicle, truck, or carport.

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Product information and Technical Details

  • Size: Deluxe Extendable
  • Manufacturer: BirdRock Home
  • Item Weight: 1.7 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 16.9 x 2.8 x 1.6 inches
  • Item model number: 7015E
  • Product Dimensions: 16.9 x 2.8 x 1.6 inches
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  • Extendable
  • Rotative
  • Functional
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  • Folding: No
  • Fragile
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The BirdRock Home Snow MOOver and Ice Scraper are worked to assist you with vanquishing winter! No one enjoys getting up toward the beginning of the day or coming out from work to see their vehicle canvassed in a foot of day off, less eliminating it. The Snow MOOver makes it simple to push off snow with the vehicle neighborly, freeze-safe froth head. Stretch out the frothing head up to 55″ to eliminate the difficulty to arrive at pockets of snow on your vehicle, truck, SUV, or van. You can likewise stretch out the Snow MOOVer to abstain from being shrouded in a day of cleaning your vehicle up. The Ice Scraper highlights jaws made out of extra-thick plastic and a level ice scrubber.

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