BRITAX B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat

As the demand for personal vehicles is increasing, the demand for baby seats is also seeing a huge rise in sales. Parents are getting more concerned about their infant’s safety seeing the number of casualties that are increasing day by day. According to some research, the value for infant car seats has the potential to grow by approx. 1.4 billion by 2023.

BRITAX B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat is a rear-facing impact protection car seat for slightly larger babies, that’s about 4 to 35 pounds. Therefore, it has a better height and weight limit than other seats. It has an excellent crash protection rating, making it suitable for dealing with road hazards.

A brief About BRITAX

BRITAX belongs to the childcare industry. It was founded in 1938 and is currently headquartered in the United Kingdom. They began their journey by making automotive equipment and accessories and starting from the 1970s they began manufacturing childcare safety products. And they are a renowned brand for child-safety products across the world.

Safety Features

The body of the B-Safe 35 is made from a steel frame for better impact protection. Although it adds more weight, if it is effective against car crashes, then the added weight is definitely worth it.

The B-Safe 35’s protection system aims to protect the full-body, especially the baby’s head, neck, and torso. Its carefully designed impact-absorbing base can compress to reduce collision force.

BRITAX offers an extra-large canopy with its B-Safe 35 for added protection against sunlight and rain.

Ease of use

BRITAX’s SafeCenter LATCH system makes their infant seat one of the easiest to install. There is no need of having an expert to help you out with placing the seats. Once the seat is installed, it will stay sturdy throughout the journey allowing the baby to stay comfortable.

Using its push-button anchors, you can easily attach to the vehicle anchor points. The base of the seat has a strap that you can use to very easily adjust the tightness of the seat. You can make use of the spring-assisted recline to adjust the angles. This is also complemented by the dual-level indicator to angle the seat correctly.


The head cushioning acts as a protection system as well as a comfortable head-rest for the child. Although not the best, but the fabric is soft enough to not cause any skin issues over a long period of use.

It’s a bit heavy in weight, carrying by hand can be a bit of pain. You can try using Strollers to make your carrying process much simpler. One big advantage of this seat is that it is compatible for use in airplanes. If you enjoy traveling then this seat will be a great option to consider.


Being a well-known brand, you can be assured that it will not break easily. The company offers a 1-year warranty on this product.

Cleaning the B-Safe 35 is fairly easy. The seat covers easily come off, or you could even clean it while in place. In case you need it, the replacement parts can be found on the company’s website.

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Advantages of B-Safe 35

  • Full body protection with impact-resistant cushioning
  • Convenient LATCH system
  • Comparatively large canopy for weather protection
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty

Disadvantages of B-Safe 35

  • Comparatively heavy
  • Separate adopters need to be used for the BRITAX travel system.
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Here are the basic specs for the BRITAX B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat that you might be interested in:

Child Weight: Limited between 4 to 35lbs

Child Standing Height: Should be 32” or less

Product Weight: 10lbs (Car Seat Only), 9lbs (Base only)

Seat Dimension: 17.75”w x 25”hx26.5”d

Shoulder Weight: 10”

Harness Slot Height: 5” to 11”

Few words on infant safety in the car

Child safety is a very concerning issue. Most parents are very aware and concerned about their infant’s safety, after all, they are the most precious gift parents can have.

When traveling with infants, always make sure to use your government-approved car safety seats. Make sure you read the manuals properly, more specifically the part where it instructs on how to install the seats. Frequently check if they are secure and comfortable inside their seats. Finally, make the habit of leaving your wallet or phone on the back seat beside where your baby is sitting, this will prompt you to look back while leaving the car. The idea is to not leave your child inside the car by mistake.

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Final verdict

Easy installation and infant safety were the prime focus for this product. Although the instructions for installing the seat is not that great, it was easy to figure out. Its installation process is amongst the easiest. It has a decent score in crash tests and is also preferred by many parents for its usability and reliability. If you need an infant car seat that is also compatible with airplane seats, then the B-Safe 35 is definitely one to go with.

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