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Casual Home Wooden Pet Crate

A good crate is essential for properly raising a dog. If not chosen properly it can make them feel trapped, frustrated, and may result in negative mental health effects. But if introduced properly, it can be a safe place for the dog to sleep, and raise its family. Many professional dog trainers and dog lovers suggest using a crate, as dogs are naturally habituated to finding their own den. This helps make them feel comfortable and safe.

Choosing the right Crate for your dog can be a bit tricky. You will find countless metal and plastic built crates, but we would recommend to avoid using those. Metal crates might feel like a cage and plastic ones are just too cheap looking. Instead, having a wooden crate would be much more preferable. Space is another issue pet owners face. Inappropriately sized cater would make your pet feel like being locked in a cage. You need to get a crate that is roomy enough to be able to turn around, lie down and stretch with ease. To help you find the best pet crate at the best price without compromising in quality, we have researched and tested one of the best seller pet care products that you can find in the market.

Casual Home Wooden Pet Crate has currently over 1400+ positive ratings on Amazon and is considered by many as the best low-budget wooden pet crate. The company aims to make its products versatile in terms of use. And they have successfully done it using this product. It acts as both a crate and as an end table that goes along well with your other furniture. Also, the wood used for making this crate comes from sustainably sourced resources.


The design of the Crater is very minimal, yet, gives a sleek and premium look and feel. It is made entirely out of wood and has a fine smooth textured finish. This product comes in 5 color variants, these are black, espresso, taupe gray, walnut, and white. Espresso is the one we would recommend as it looks quite premium and blends in with the room very well.

Depending on the size of your pet, you can choose from 5 different dimensions. The structure of the crate feels very solid and durable, your dog won’t be able to break out of it on its own. It comes with a secure lockable latch, that is placed quite firmly and won’t loosen even after a hefty trembling. You can go out or do your important tasks leaving your dog in there without worrying about him roaming around and causing any mess.

Doubling as an end table, it feels very stylish and ideal for use as a part of your home furniture. Your guests probably won’t even notice that it’s a crater unless you let them know.

One issue with dogs is that they tend to chew on stuff. So, this cater is made using chew-resistant wood construction. This will protect it from any unnecessary bite marks and help its longevity.

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Casual Home has designed this cater to be very comforting and relaxing. After all, your pets are the reason why you are buying this product in the first place. If they don’t feel comfortable, there is absolutely no point in purchasing it.

The wooden crate feels surprisingly roomy. There is sufficient room to stretch, turn around, and probably even a slight jumping. It should be a good sleeping place during the winter season. A metallic crate will absorb more cold in the winter seasons and will make the inside of the crate colder. So, a wooden crate would be more preferable in this situation.

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Due to the crate’s straightforward and simple boxy design, it is very simple and easy to clean. You can use a wet cloth to wipe through each surface. If you need any deep cleaning, then simply disassemble the whole thing. There are a few screws you need to remove. It is fairly easy and just requires a screwdriver.

Casual Home designed it to be very roomy as well as stylish, and in doing so, the design has a decorated window design. Cleaning through these blocks might take some time, but is nothing that difficult. In case you decide to completely disassemble the entire thing, don’t fear breaking it while cleaning. It is very solid and won’t break easily.

Casual Home Wooden Pet Crate Updated Review & A Buyer’s Guide
Casual Home Wooden Pet Crate
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The Casual Home Crate is fairly lightweight, but not light enough to be moved here and there as you wish. Getting this thing fully assembled will take around an hour or a bit more, depending on your expertise. The instructions are fairly easy to understand and can be assembled alone. Although, having a second person will make the process easier. Try to find a fixed spot where you want to assemble it, as I have mentioned, moving it can be a bit of pain after fully setting it up.

Also, keep in mind some customers have a complaint about a few holes not being drilled precisely. It shouldn’t be a big issue as you could adjust it into place fairly easily. If you can’t, then ask for a replacement or refund.

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  • Budget-Friendly Pet Crate
  • Dual-Functionality: works as a crate and end table
  • Premium looking wooden finish
  • Very sturdy and spacious
  • Made from sustainably sourced wood
  • Strong lockable Latch
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  • Assembly takes about an hour or more
  • Can’t be moved easily after being assembled
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Final Verdict

The Casual Home Wooden Pet Cater is an excellent product for its value. It is simple, yet very durable and comfortable for your pets to stay in for consistent periods of time. Even if you don’t have pets in the house, it will act as a sleek-looking storage space. It serves as a pet crate as well as an end table for your house. The company offers this product in various sizes and color variants to meet the demand for different types of customer needs. Judging the price of this crate and the value you will be getting; we believe it is definitely worth it.

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