Chef’sChoice Trizor XV Review

Want to cut tissue rolls with a knife? Probably not, but having a sharp knife will make your job extremely easy and quick. We’ve all gone through that part when you couldn’t even cut a potato properly because of a dull knife. And sharpening a knife has always been a pain. However, there are some companies who thought about it and have come up with top-notch solutions that everyone can make use of.

To help our chef audiences make the most out of their knives, we have spent countless hours and picked what we think is one of the best knife sharpeners you can currently find in the market. We will be reviewing the Chef’sChoice Trizor XV. As of making this review, this product has over 6,000+ ratings, with over 80% being 5-Stars in Amazon.

This product is a bit pricy than some other brands but is a trusted one. The ease of access and speed is what really makes this product stand out from the rest. Read through the whole review and see if this knife sharpener is worth the investment. Also, if you are interested in Dutch ovens, consider reading our review on the Lodge Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven.

Design & Construction

The design is very simple and straightforward. It wouldn’t take much time to understand what it is. At the top, you will get three slots for different sharpening stages, which we will talk about in the upcoming section. There’s also a single power button at the side. All you need to do is just plug the cable into a wall socket and turn on the device. It is that simple. However, the actual result depends on how you use it. That will be discussed in the later sections as well.

Regarding the dimension, this product measures 10 x 4.25x 4.25 inches. It is fairly compact and easy to place wherever you need but does weigh a bit. At 4.18 pounds, this machine can be considered on the heavier side. The weight mostly comes from the motor inside and other components.

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3-stages sharpening

The Trizor XV is powerful enough that It can turn your butter knife into a chef’s knife. But that’s true only if you know how to properly use it.

If you are a professional or really serious about cooking, then we recommend you avoid purchasing knife sharpening tools that offer just two stages. That will never be enough to give you that level of performance you will be expecting.

The first two stages are plated witch diamond abrasives, which are good for most average use. And the third one has a patented flexible abrasive that helps to really get the knife at that sharpness level which can cut through the paper at a single slice. Combining these three stages will get you a knife that most professional chefs use.

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15-degree and issues

The inclusion of 15-degree is not just a naming scheme but is actually a measurement for knife sharpness. The typical knife you will find in most homes has a 20-degree blade, which is suitable for all types of regular use. But a professional chef always uses 15-degree knives. These are extremely sharp and can easily cause injuries.

The issue with the Trizor XV is that it tends to leave scratches on the knife. It does make it sharp, but in order to do so, there will be drawbacks. If you are someone who needs performance and flexibility, then this is the product for you. But if you own a set of expensive knife that is intended to be both functional and for decoration, then you should avoid this sharpener. People have used this product on expensive knives and got really upset with the outcome. Also, this machine does make a bit of noise. It is actually quite annoying, but you will only need to hear it as long it is being used. The noise level measures between 65dB to 75dB.

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Using this product is an extremely easy task. All you need to do is just slide in the knife to those slots in serial. For the first time using the knife in the sharpener, it will take about a minute to properly get the job done. But if you are using on a repeat, then around 10 seconds will be sufficient for getting the knife sharpened. Time-saving is probably the most convincing part of purchasing this product. With a more traditional approach, you will need to spend quite some time to properly sharpen the knives, and also consistently guess if it is done or not. Using this automated sharpener, all the hassle is taken care of. If you feel the knife isn’t sharp enough, just put it through the machine again, and it should be done.

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Read the user manual!

There are very few products for which you will need to refer to the manual it comes with. Simply because just by looks of the product you won’t be able to achieve proper results. The  Chef’sChoice Trizor XV is one of those products for which we highly recommend you go through the instruction.

Many people have complained about this product not working as intended. We have gone through those complaints and come to the conclusion that it’s mostly user errors. There are three slots for sharpening, and putting the knife to whatever slot you desire won’t achieve the results intended.

The instruction talks about how to operate it and what not to do. Also, the return policy is available there. The PDF is a bit lengthy but is worth reading. You will probably have to go through 16 pages.

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Pros of Trizor XV

  • Can convert other types of knives into 15-degree blades
  • 3-stage sharpness
  • 3-year warranty
  • Very compact design
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Cons of Trizor XV

  • Very expensive
  • Slightly heavy
  • Leaves scratch on the blade
  • The power cord might be a bit short
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Final Thoughts

Chef’sChoice Trizor XV EdgeSelect is definitely our first choice as far as knife sharpening goes. It does cost a few folds higher than some other models, but judging the longevity, performance, and portability, this product stands at the top of our list. If you need something that will last a long time and offers excellent customer service if needed, then this is the product for you.

Debbie Livengood

Debbie Livengood is one of the senior content managers of Doorbell Gears. She is both a chef and a writer at the company. With over 10+ years of experience in find-dining, it only makes sense to assign her for this role. She knows all the etiquette of what it takes to make your dining space lovable and enjoy a delicious meal at the same time. Her work is praised by many and has been featured in popular food magazines multiple times. Whether it be cookware or kitchen appliances, she knows what it takes to make a fine-looking kitchen that will impress any visitor.

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