DEWALT XTREME 12V MAX Cordless Drill

Hiring a professional just for drilling in some screws on the wall is a complete waste of money. These tasks are frequently required for various home upgrades and buying tools instead of hiring would be much more preferable. It will surely cost a bit of money but are a long-term investment. The service charge will be free as long as you are doing the task.

Which drill to buy becomes a concerning issue for many. There are various options in the market to choose from. But which one will give the best value for money matters. Most drills perform the same, so the features and convenience are what stand out the most. To help our audience with selecting the right drilling machine, we have done our research and written a review on what we think is the best wireless drill machine you can purchase right now.

The DEWALT XTREME 12V MAX Cordless Drill, with over 400+ ratings out of which 87% are 5-Stars. This product is compact, lightweight, and powerful enough to help you with most of your drilling needs. This product comes with a toolkit box that you can make use of for storing some other tools as well. Read through the full review to see if this drilling machine is the perfect fit for you or not. By any means, if you are in the market for TVs, consider reading our review on the TCL Roku TV (32-inch).


We absolutely love the design of this drill. Each curve and angle is well throughout. This is by far the most comfortable drill we have ever held. It accounts for all fingers to ensure you don’t get numbness after a few drilling sessions.

The Xtreme 12v also comes in at a larger variant, but for most home use, this one will be much more convenient. It weighs around 2.4 pounds, which is comparatively very light. With the battery attached, this machine stands less than 6 inches tall, making it one of the most compact drilling machines we have ever tested.

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The construction of this thing looks and feels very solid. As it is a drilling machine, it is natural for these things to be very abusive and rugged. Definitely, you won’t get a feeling of it breaking anytime soon. The main components are made from steel, but the outer part is built out of very sturdy plastic components. Also, the grip is very comfortable, thanks to the battery being at the bottom.

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We have put this machine into a plethora of tests and it passed all flawlessly. According to the tests, this machine can drill into around 30 1-inch holes and can easily penetrate 100+ 3-inch drywall screws. The bigger version will obviously be more powerful, but for home use, it is more than enough.

This drill uses a brushless motor, making it very small in size while being very powerful. As it is battery operated, there is no fuss of worrying about the wires hanging out. This machine packs in 32% more power compared to the previous and needs 12.00volts of electrical power to operate. The impact driver now has 52% more torque, making it much more efficient and powerful for power-intensive tasks.

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Ease of use

The included kit box makes it extremely easy to carry additional drivers. The bag is very compact and doesn’t take up much space even after putting in multiple add-on tools. Unlike other drills, this one can stand on its own. And that’s thanks to the battery being placed at the bottom, which adds the feet support.

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The 2 included batteries are sufficient for the most time-consuming tasks. While one is being used, the other will have enough time to get fully charged. It is wise thinking of the company to include both batteries without making customers buy extra.

Xtreme 12V takes the first position for convenience in the battery department. In case you want to check the battery power, the gauge is placed right into the battery. You don’t need to put it on the drill and turn it on to check the remaining charge. This is a common issue with its other direct competitors. This system helps you to stay prepared for upcoming projects.

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Drill Lights

As the battery is placed down the handle instead of being with the handle, the light placing is also done very appropriately. The lights are positioned above the trigger, this illuminates light directly at the drilling point. It is very useful in eliminating drill shadows, and the light itself is very bright as compared to others, making the overall drilling experience in a darker environment much more convenient.

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Pros of the Xtreme 12V MAX

  • Very compact design (less than 6inch)
  • Easy to grip and use
  • Lights are strong and illuminate appropriately
  • Comes with 2 batteries
  • Batteries include the gauges to check the remaining charge
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Cons of the Xtreme 12V MAX

  • Expensive compared to some other models
  • Removing the battery is a bit counterintuitive
  • Not suitable for very heavy commercial use
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Final Thoughts

This tool isn’t made to drill things like stones or metals. It simply doesn’t have the power to do such things. However, for all types of typical home needs, it is a perfect machine a homeowner should have under their possession. You might have bought a new wall TV for which you will want drilling works. Having a drill at your disposal instead of paying a professional, will save you time and money. Overall, we would recommend the Xtreme Max 12V to anyone in the market for buying home essential tools.

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