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DJI Mavic 2 Pro

In recent years, drones have been gaining popularity like wildfire. People from all backgrounds are showing interest in trying out this unmanned vehicle. The consumer drone industry got its major breakthrough after the introduction of drones from DJI. These drones are most popular amongst people from the media industry, film industry, content creators, and photographers.

It used to be the case that film producers would hire actual helicopters to get aerial shots, which would cost them thousands of dollars from their film budget. Not only large sums of cash had to be spent, but also there were issues with maintenance, time, and depending on the shooting scheme, personal safety was also a concern. But all that has changed thanks to the advancements in drone technology.

DJI Mavic 2 Pro is the best flagship drone offering from DJI. Their Mavic series is in fact amongst the best consumer drones you can buy in the market. This product comes in 2 variants, that is the Mavic 2 Zoom and the Mavic 2 Pro – which is what we are reviewing right now. Since 2016 the Mavic series has been dominating the market. Initially launched in 2018, the Mavic 2 Pro is still the best flagship from the series and is in high demand amongst its customers. Read through the complete article to learn more about the product and decide whether it is the right fit for you. In case you are interested in cameras, we also offer reviews on various types of cameras and related accessories. You can check out our review on the GoPro HERO 9 Black Action Camera.

Design & Construction

The Mavic Pro 2 comes with the foldable design which was introduced by its previous model. This design allows the drone to be portable and very easy to transport. Although a bit larger than other models in this series, the Pro 2 is still easy to carry. The folding mechanism is very intuitive, you need to just rotate the front arms and the rear arms should be twisted up to get into proper form. One propeller is attached to each arm.

The Mavic series lives up to its high-end price tag by giving a premium look to the overall construction and material choices. It doesn’t feel cheap in angle.

The drone has a mounted gimbal on the front bottom part of it which holds a high-quality Hasselblad camera with a 20MP 1” CMOS Sensor. We’ll talk about the camera and its quality in a later part of this article. Due to the camera positioning, it is better to use a landing mat during the takedown, just to ensure the camera doesn’t get wet or dusty.

Its rectangular design helps it easily fit into a camera bag. Unlike the Phantom series, the Pro 2 doesn’t need a whole bag dedicated to storing it. Although, it is a good idea to have a bag to keep all the accessories, controllers, etc. so that you can easily access everything you need in one place.

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Controller and transmission

Setting up the controller is very easy and simple to do. Just position up the antennas and screw the joysticks on to the controller that can be found in the bottom compartments. Afterward, attach the right cable to your smartphone, finally, turn on the power button and it’s good to go.

To turn on the Mavic Pro, just press and hold the big button on top of the battery compartment. Wait for the controller to sync with the drone once both are turned on. Keep in mind the sync process can take about a minute. Once it’s ready to be operated, it will give an indication by turning the red light into green.

The Mavic Pro’s Ocusyns 2.0 technology allows it to transmit signals up to 8000 meters. But in reality, that limit varies. At a clear sight, the drone can be flown to a very far distance without any issue. But if there are any obstacles in between, the range will get weak. For example, if you are flying the drone over a hill or any object through where you can not see the drone, the signal will tend to weaken or lose video feed, even at just one kilometer of range.

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For flying the drone, the DJI GO app is essential. All the functionality of the drone is monitored and controlled through the app. The app is available for download through their website for both android and IOS.

The app gives you full control over all aspects of your drone. One notable feature is that it offers a world map, that aims to give the position of the Mavic relative to you. You can even browse through the map to get a broader picture of the environment.

The Mavic is very much geared towards photography and videography. The app offers a lot of functionalities such as automated shots, special capture mode similar to Hyperlapse. The app also controls the Advanced Pilot Awareness System built into the drone system. This feature aims to avoid obstacles and help in navigation. This is very useful to avoid potential damages and at the same time also makes it suitable for beginners.

After drones have become a popular thing, governments have also started to impose no-fly zones in various parts of the world. You might face serious consequences if you happen to fly in those places. So Mavic offers a safety feature that uses the drone’s GPS to enforce you from flying into no-fly zones. The app often performs firmware updates to ensure it is fully equipped and aware of any potential law-related issues.

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Video & Image quality

The Mavic Pro 2 is fully qualified for professional videography. In fact, its output is very similar to that of a DSLR or mirrorless camera.

Mavic Pro 2 comes with a powerful Hasselblad Camera with a 20 Mp 1” CMOS Sensor. It has an adjustable aperture with a 10-bit Dlog-M color profile. Its design is quite premium and compact with overall excellent image quality. The camera offers the ability to shoot in DNG format, which is an essential feature for professional use.

Similar to a DSLR, the Hasselblad cameras of the drone has the ability to shoot in aperture priority mode, shutter priority mode, or manual mode. It has a focal length equivalent to 28mm and provides adjustable apertures between f/2.8 to f/11.

Although the specs might seem very impressive, the sensors of the camera allow you to record 4k at a maximum of 30p. It might not be a serious issue for most people including professionals, but still, some people might find it to be a bit problematic.

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About the Hasselblad Camera

The Hasselblad camera of the drone is made in Sweden. These cameras are popular worldwide. Hasselblad cameras have been seen to be used in outer space as well as in deep seas. These are extremely performant cameras and outputs one of the best visuals in the industry. DJI has partnered with Hasselblad to make a camera custom fit for the Mavic drones. After two years of research and development, they have made the Hasselblad L1D-20c camera.

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Battery Life

It would be a dream come true if we could fly the drone for a continuous 2 to 3 hours, but that’s no the case. It’s definitely not the case with any DJI drones as of now.

The battery life claimed by the company is 31 minutes max. It packs a 3850 mAh battery and runs out more quickly depending on the use. The 31 minutes duration might seem very low, and it is; but judging what it is used for, the battery life is decent. You won’t be making a full movie out of it. It is suitable for taking B-roll shots or small landscape shots for advertisements.

The DJI Go App will automatically calculate the time the drone can be flown and gives a battery warning if it is about to get critically low. You can use the automatic landing icon on the app or can manually control and get it down safely. Be careful where you land, uneven surfaces might pivot off the drone and can damage its components.

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Mavic Pro 2 Fly More Kit

If you have the money, then spending the extra on getting Mavic Pro’s Fly More Kit would be a good choice. It comes with extra 2 batteries, a car charger, charging hub, a battery to power bank, adapter, 2 extra pair of propellers, and all of these come bundled into a convenient shoulder bag.

If you are traveling then this package is extremely convenient. You can run a long flying session without needing to wait for recharging again. Not only for traveling, if you are filming a video, then you can easily shoot for longer sessions.

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Pros of Mavic Pro 2

  • Easy for beginners and perfect for professionals
  • A very detailed and intuitive control system
  • High-quality camera from Hasselblad
  • Foldable Design
  • Automatic safety systems
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Cons of Mavic Pro 2

  • Poor battery life
  • The camera cannot be operated in portrait orientation
  • Accessories are expensive
  • Limited internal storage – 8GB
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Final Verdicts

With the integration of the Hasselblad camera system and Mavics advanced drone flying capabilities, DJI has and is easily dominating the consumer drone industry. Although their drones are quite a bit expensive, there are not many better alternatives to it compared to the level of professional features provides by DJI. For professional use or if you want an excellent drone flying experience, the DJI Mavic Pro 2 is definitely the one to buy.

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