Fossil Haskell Double Zip Briefcase – Luxurious and Usable Everyday Briefcase

Want to go about your office work with style? What a better way is to do it than using a leather briefcase. The carriable you choose does tell a lot about your personality. A leather-made item signifies it to a higher status.

A briefcase signifies work and professionalism. It is often considered a gift for business and law graduates. One issue with owning a leather-made bag is that it is quite heavier than a usual briefcase. Storage is less due to the leather covering more space and the because of the design of a briefcase combined with it being leather-made, there isn’t that much thing which can be stored.

To help you with this issue, we have researched and picked a briefcase that is leather-made, weighs like normal, has tons of space, and more importantly, convenient for day to day and long business trips. We are talking about the Fossil Haskell Double Zip Briefcase. With its five-star reviews and excellent customer feedback, it is one of the best luxury everyday work briefcases you can purchase right now. Read through the full review to see if it is the perfect briefcase for the money.


Fossil has put a lot of thought into designing this leather briefcase. It is surprisingly roomy and can carry more than you can imaging just by the looks of it. Regarding the looks, it is simple, yet gives a luxurious feeling. It has a rounded boxy design, just like most other briefcases, but gives a more premium look with the beautifully crafted leather stitches that can be found throughout the entire product.

The design of the Haskell Briefcase is inspired by the American fashion style. It is made to be fairly compact and measures around 16inch in length, 25inch in width, and 12inch in height. You can carry this briefcase by using the carry handle or can use it as a cross shoulder option using the straps it offers. It totally depends on your style. For a more stylish and informal office look, use it as a shoulder bag or just grab and go using the leather-made handle. Both are convenient.

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Material Quality

The Haskell Briefcase uses 100% original full-grain leather throughout its construction. The full build is made to last. The company has designed its products with style and usability in mind. Not just this briefcase but all their products are quite luxurious and usable at the same time.

The leathers are imported and for the hardware, brass alloy material is used. This gives the product a luxurious feel as well as makes it more durable. The pockets magnetically snap to close both ends, this ensures that items from one pocket are not jumping off to the other.

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Like I’ve mentioned before, it is surprisingly roomy, it has storage for not only documents, but also things like smartphones, laptops, and a lot of accessories can be put in it and there will still be room left for more.

The Haskell briefcase is designed to be organizable. The inside storage is partitioned by two zippered pockets, which helps to carry more things and be very organized. Many briefcases just come with a single partitioned space where you will keep all things together, and that’s not very convenient and manageable, but that’s surely not the case with the Haskel Briefcase.

Regarding the interior details, it has 1 padded laptop pocket, 1 zipper pocket, and 3 slide pockets for carrying more stuff. One complaint about this briefcase is that it doesn’t come with water bottle storage. This isn’t necessarily that important, judging the fact that it is designed for official use and not for long-distance traveling. You would have a drinking water supply in the office anyway. So that isn’t a big deal, but including one would be a bit more appreciated.

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Ease of use

One key advantage of the Haskell Briefcase is its accessibility and organization system. There are multiple sub pockets inside both partitioned main pockets, where you can keep everything organized and secured. There is room for carrying a 15inches laptop and it sits there very comfortably due to its smooth leather exterior. It kind of acts as a cushioning for things inside the bag.

The bag feels very durable, and in actual fact, it is quite strong. You could store quite heavy documents and won’t be an issue carrying them. Because of the leather build, it is easy to stuff things inside it, which isn’t the case with other hard-surfaced briefcases. With slightly over 2 pounds weight, it isn’t that heavy compared to how leather-made bags generally are.

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A brief about the company

Fossil Group, Inc. is the owner of the Haskell brand. They primarily make luxury goods and is based in Texas, USA. Fossil makes authorized accessories for brands such as Puma, BMW, Armani, and many other big-name brands. They make products ranging from traditional watches, smart wearables, jewelry, leather goods, and much more. For more details about them, you can visit their website or Wikipedia page.


  • Limited 1-year warranty
  • Modern and sleek design
  • 100% genuine leather build
  • Stores more than usual


  • Fairly Expensive
  • The leather handle is somewhat rigid
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Final Verdict

The Haskell Briefcase isn’t the most expensive one out there, in fact, it is even cheaper than some of the other bags in its category. In our test, we have found no complaints about this briefcase and it served really well. It does give you a luxurious feel and will surely grab people’s attention. This briefcase is definitely suitable for taking on international business trips and is sure to impress your boss, clients, and colleagues. Therefore, if you are into buying a luxury briefcase that’s also usable for day to day use, consider buying this double zip briefcase.

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