KEF Q150B Q150 Bookshelf Speakers

Having a good sound system is critical for any event. Whether it be a music concert, wedding ceremony, corporate event, or even a house party. But getting your hands on a decent system can be costly. Lower quality speakers will only give you a monotonous, absurd, and unpleasant sound experience.

To ensure you get good quality audio experience at a decent price range, we have reviewed the best-selling sound system, which is the KEF Q150B Q150 Bookshelf Speakers. With its gorgeous clean design, it is easily suitable for any modern home. Because of the performance, KEF has received two of the EISA Awards.


You won’t need to dedicate any significant amount of space for setting up this KEF Bookshelf speaker. It has a fairly small footprint. Although, we would recommend dedicating a specific area in your living room for this system, as it easily blends into the environment and increases the appealing factor.

The KEF Q150 comes in a few different variants. You can choose from satin black, satin white, and a unique walnut finish. Regarding the dimensions, this system by default comes at a height of 11.92 inches x width 7.08 inches x Deep 10.944 inches. At almost 12 inches this system is a bit larger than a few other speakers in its category and price range. It isn’t a big issue and can fit into most entertainment setups easily.

The construction of KEF Q150 isn’t just beautiful, it also gives a sturdy feeling. It feels extremely well-built, and you can assume it to last for a long time without structural issues. At the front side, you will see a decently sized driver of 5.25 inches and a tweeter of 1 inch. Its Uni-Q array offers precisely-timed frequencies than its competitors.

At the back part of the speaker, it offers a bass port and gold binding posts. You can use these through either exposed speaker wire or banana plugs to connect to the receiver.

One thing that many people might feel disappointed with, is that KEF doesn’t offer ant speaker grills by default. You will have to spend extra cash to get them. Having a speaker grill isn’t necessarily going to make drastic changes to the audio output, but still is better to have for added protection from dust and for aesthetic purposes.

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The Uni-Q or also known as the Single Point Source allows the sound to disperse the round more evenly. Its damped tweeter enables a high-frequency audio output with a detailed and natural performance. For reducing the distortion, it uses a closed-box cabinet design that aims to reduce the load on the Uni-Q driver.

For deeper bass reproduction it utilizes the LF driver and Auxiliary Bass Radiator. The bass performance and midrange accuracy are improved using the CFD port design. We could go on and on about the internals of KEF Q150, but in short, this speaker system is technologically very advanced.

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Sound quality

There is a good reason why people are flocking to buy KEF Q150 speakers. Its sound is really excellent, without looking at the sound system you won’t be able to tell if it is a budget-friendly speaker. The audio is ultra detailed, has dept, and very soothing to listen to even at high volumes.

The volume is also very precisely adjustable. You could lower it down to the point that people next room won’t notice a buzz, or you could crank it up enough so that is hearable for the neighbors living two blocks away.

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Setup process

KEF Q150 is a passive speaker. And due to this nature, you will need an amplifier to use it. You will need an A/V receiver with a speaker, which is a common form for home setups.

Set both of the speakers on each side of the TV or other visual output media that you are using. For bare speaker wires, first, open the binding posts, and screw it back on after inserting the wires. Remove the plastic caps in case you want to use the banana caps. Finally, you will be all set to use after connecting to your receiver.

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Pros of KEF Q150

  • Advanced 5.25 inch driver with Uni-Q array
  • Simple yet beautiful design
  • Comes with a large 1-inch tweeter
  • Capable of producing highly accurate sounds
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Cons of KEF Q150

  • Speaker grills need to be purchased separately
  • Passive speaker system
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Final Verdict

The KEF Q150B Q150 Bookshelf Speakers might not be the absolute best. But it definitely does more than what it is priced at. If you are lucky enough, the company often gives eye-catching offers that you can take advantage of. As of writing this review, the product is offered at a stunning 50% price cut. This speaker system is suitable for most events. You can’t go wrong choosing this product. It is easily the best sound system for the budget.

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