If you are a hardcore gamer and also want a TV that gives you a theater-like experience, then you are in luck. The all-new LG CX OLED TV offers all that and much more in a very slim and premium package.

LG has been making some of the best displays for quite some time. And this new TV of theirs is no surprise. This 4K TV is labeled as Amazon’s choice and has over 3000 ratings, out of which 89% are 5-stars. If you want a 65-inch smart TV with crisp video playback and excellent gaming support, then read through our full review. See if this TV is worth its $2000 price tag. Also, if you are interested in gaming peripherals, then read our review on the Logitech G502 Hero.


LG has never failed to impress with its design. This TV is extremely thin. From the overall shape to the stand it sits on, everything is very functional and sleek looking. You will definitely get the premium feel with this TV. It is a large 65-inch OLED 4K panel. The thickness measures 1.8-inches. That is because it needs to have a place for the ports, processors, and other components. The panel itself is outstandingly slim. The TV is mounted on a 300 by 200 bracket. It is very wide and gives a sturdy support base for the TV.

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The audio in this TV is kind of impressive when you first hear it. There is more bass than usual and is loud enough for it to be heard down from the hall. The sound is quite well balanced. It doesn’t have that much strong treble. Still, instead of relying on the internal audio, we would recommend you get an external sound system. It will make your audio listening experience much better, especially when playing games or watching movies. Considering how thin this TV is, the sound is very decent. And to add to it, LG offers AI sound pro feature. This tries to enhance the sound better. We didn’t feel any impressive difference, but still, it is an appreciated feature.

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AI-powered features

LG has offered various AI-focused features with this TV. To be honest, you won’t be that impressed with most of it. It still needs more improvement. However, we did like the AI brightness control system. This automatically adjusts the brightness based on the lights of your room. It is most effective in a darker environment.

We recommend you try out these AI features. It might be useful for your use. The features it offers are AI Picture Pro, AI Brightness Control, Auto Genre Selection, AI Sound Pro, AI Aucustic Tuning.

Now, another important thing about AI is that it can detect and look for a particular character in the movie that’s being played. We think it’s really impressive. You now don’t need to guess who the actor is. Just search for that person using the remote and you will get his/her info.

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Picture Quality

Being an OLED panel, it offers perfect blacks. This also results in greater picture quality than a standard LCD screen. The system supports 4K which is powered by the Gen 3 A9 processor. It can upscale a lower resolution picture up to the level of 4K. In real use, it looks absolutely stunning. Unless the picture is of very low resolution, you won’t be able to tell that it’s an upscaled video.

Also, it offers NVIDIA G-SYNC for smooth gaming. This G-SYNC is compatible with RTX 20 and GTX 16 graphics cards as well. In real gaming performance, you will get high refresh rates and very responsive gameplay. It can lag a bit but isn’t that prominent that will affect your playing experience. You can also calibrate the display colors to suit your needs. It is already calibrated well enough for most people. But for the videophiles out there, they might want something more perfect. For them, there are loads of settings to play with. You can really refine the quality to a fair extent.

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Like we’ve mentioned before, this TV uses the 3rd generation of the Alpha 9 processor. This processor has always been very excellent with its performance delivery, and this updated iteration just adds more to it. The A9 processor really improves the low bit depth and low bit rate content fairly well. You might see slight color banding if you look very close to it, but from a normal viewing distance, nothing can be noticed.

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The port selection is quite robust. At the back, you will get access to four 4k 120hz HDMI 2.0 ports. This really future proofs your TV for extended years of use. There is a single plug with a composite video adapter dongle for outdated video equipment.  You can also make use of the Ethernet port and the RF coaxial plug for using an antenna. There is an optical audio output option and a mini-jack for headphones.

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Operating System

LG uses webOS for their smart TVs. This OS has been out for quite some time, and LG has been refining it on every iteration. It supports most of the popular TV apps that you may want. Navigating through the interface is a breeze and most newcomers should be able to figure out how it works. This OS isn’t perfect, you might face slight issues with certain apps. If apps are not running properly then consider updating the system, which should fix the issues. Overall, the app is very smooth and lag-free. It’s very fast and responsive.

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Remote Control

The official name for this controller is Magic Remote. That’s probably because it offers some unusual features that aren’t normal for a typical TV controller. At the center, you have a clickable wheel used for navigating across the screen. It works similarly to a computer cursor. Pressing the microphone button will enable google voice assistance, using which you could access particular apps or do certain tasks on the system.

The remote is flooded with buttons, which might overwhelm some users. But once you get used to it, the navigation experience gets better, This remote isn’t however, limited to the TV. You can also use it to control other connected devices such as blue-ray players, soundbars, and set-top boxes.

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Pros of LG CX TV

  • Can scale lower resolution image into 4K
  • Excellent color and viewing angle
  • Extremely slim design
  • Very smooth and intuitive user interface
  • Excellent gaming support
  • The remote control works with connected devices
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Cons of LG CX TV

  • Very expensive compared to other models
  • Remote might be difficult to understand for new users
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Final Verdict

The LG CX OLED TV is all in all a great product with excellent performance. It is quite expensive but delivers features and quality just like a premium TV should. If you are in the market for a premium range TV, then this might be the perfect choice for you.

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