Lodge Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Cast-iron ovens are the go-to for the traditional style of cooking. These are made to last for decades. It won’t a surprise to hear that your mom is using a cast-iron pan given to her by her grandmother. The longevity is probably why many companies offer a lifetime warranty with these products.

In this article, we will be reviewing the Lodge Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven. As of writing this review, this product has over 21,000+ ratings out of which 87% are 5-Stars. It is an all-purpose cast-iron pan that is tough and very high performant. Read the whole article and see if this dutch oven is worth your money. In case you love coffee, consider reading our review on the Kalita Wave 185 Dripper.


The design of the Lodge Enameled won’t impress any connoisseur. But it does look decent and is most suitable in traditional looking kitchens. If you want to impress guests, display more premium cookware that you have. Still, the design is crafted for functionality rather than impressing people.

You can get this product in a wide range of colors. These include Blue, Caribbean, Desert Sage, Indigo, Lagoon, Midnight Chrome, Oyster White, Pumpkin, Red, Sandalwood, and Storm Blue. We are reviewing the red version, but to us, the black one looks really good-looking. If you want to showcase cookware, that one will be the better choice than its other color variants.

Regarding size, this product comes in a variety of offerings for various use. The size is available in 3Qt, 6Qt, 7.5Qt, 4.5Qt, and 1.5Qt.  There are also some additional options that you can choose from while making the purchase. You can either buy just the oven, or you can choose a stoneware care kit, or a bowl scraper, or food scale, or a thermometer as a package. You will need to pay for each.

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This product comes with double coating protection of porcelain enamel that the company claims to be chip resistant. Although this material makes it strong and easy to clean, but not completely chip resistant. We will talk about that in a later section.

Cast Iron ovens are great for heat retention. It can keep your food fresh and warm for a considerably longer period than an ordinary cooking pan. The enamel coating just adds to its positive side. The coating allows for food to be properly marinated and refrigerated. Cleaning is also made very easy because of the smoothness, plus, the surface is a bit more rounded than some other pans. This is both a positive and negative side. Positive because cleaning is easier, you don’t need to work hard to get to the edges as you need for flatter surfaces. The bad side is that the cooking surface is reduced. It will hold slightly less food than others. We don’t see it as a bad side as you still will be able to cook the appropriate amount you need.

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Heating Capacity

You will love the heat retention capability of this oven. It is no surprise why there are over 21,000+ ratings on this product. This alone compensates for all the other negative it might have.

This product is oven safe for up to 260-degree Celsius, and because of the shape of the oven, the heat distribution is very even and cooks food all the way through. You can literally cook the food and leave it in the Lodge oven for 3-4 hours and the food will still be warm.

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This is where many people are concerned for. Washing utensils are always a workout. This product is no different. However, compared to other cast-iron ovens, this one is comparatively easier to clean. The performance is outstanding, but the cleaning is a headache for many, as cast irons have a reputation for not holding on to the coating inside.

The company has made very clear instructions about how to clean the oven. However, not everyone reads the instructions, and this has led to many unhappy customers. The primary complaint was that the coating chips off easily. So read this section of the article to not be among those customers.

The Lodge Dutch Oven is dishwasher safe, but to preserve the original appearance, it is recommended to use warm soapy water and a nylon scrub brush. Any citrus-based cleaners, including certain detergents, should be avoided as these can reduce the shine of the product.

Cast irons are fairly heavy, so stacking on top of another is also recommended to avoid. This can also chip off the coating. If the stains are too strong, then consider using nylon pads to remove them. Make sure not to use a metal pad, as it will easily scratch the surface and also likely will chip off the coating.

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Pros of the Lodge Cast Iron

  • Affordable than some other cast-iron ovens
  • Easy to clean
  • Great heat retention capacity
  • Limited lifetime warranty
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Cons of the Lodge Cast Iron

  • A slightly smaller cooking surface
  • The coating might chip off if metal objects used for cleaning
  • Fairly heavy
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Final Thoughts

Overall, if you are looking for an all-purpose Dutch oven, then this is the one to go with. It will help you cook food more conveniently. As it is more rounded, getting ingredients around won’t be an issue. The company also offers a limited lifetime warranty, and that is if you follow their rule of use. Those rules are basically geared towards how to clean the product and what will violate the warranty. This product did serve our purpose and we would gladly recommend it to anyone.

Debbie Livengood

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