Maytag M400 – Steam Iron Review

Ironing is by no means favorite for anyone, in fact, it’s one of the most annoying house chores. But going out to the office or meeting someone with a wrinkled shirt is very embracing. So it has to be done.

What makes ironing more annoying is the iron itself. It’s often bulky, heavy, and slow to get heated properly. However, as technology is progressing, there have been innovations made in ironing products as well. Nowadays, irons with various advanced and convenient features are available at a fairly decent price range.

To help our audience with their daily ironing needs, we have taken the liberty to do research and write a full review on one of the best irons available in the market right now. We are talking about the Maytag M400 Steam Iron. As of writing this review, this product has over 4000 ratings out of which 73% are 5-Stars. This product is also labeled as Amazon’s Choice, making it a more appealing purchase. It isn’t just a cloth iron but also acts as a steamer. Read through this review to see if the Maytag M400 is worth your money. In case you are interested in home security, you can check our latest review on the Yale Assure Lock SL (YRD256).


The dual-functional aspect of the M400 is what we love the most. It’s not always you want to do full ironing. For slight wrinkles, having a steamer will serve better. It will save time and save you the hassle of setting everything for ironing. This is what Maytag has thought about with this product.

It is capable of doing vertical steam. Usually, because of the weight ratio, doing such a task with iron can be very difficult, and most are not even designed for such uses. But the M400 is carefully designed to be used as a steamer. The weight is balanced for optimal use. This iron can be held upright for a consistent period of time without any numbness in the hand.

You can just hang the cloth, adjust the iron’s setting, and use it to get rid of wrinkles without any hassle. But keep in mind, although it works just like a normal steamer, for tougher winkles you will need to use it as the traditional way of ironing.

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The performance is excellent. In fact, the M400 surpasses some of the other competitors with a significantly better speed. Within just 20 seconds, it can reach its max temperature.

This product is reasonably lightweight. This can sound a bit disappointing as usually with lighter irons more pressure is needed to get the job done. But working smart is what this product follows, not working hard. The heating system is very efficient, and that’s supported by its 3 second steam regeneration time.

This product is capable of ironing through most fabrics. But keep in mind, you will need to set the heat manually for each type of cloth. It does have specialized settings for particular types of fabrics. In the thermostat, you will find heating options for Linen, Cotton, Silk, Wool, Nylon, or Synthetic. These are mostly the types of fabrics commonly used, so having these taken care of is really useful and a well throughout feature by the company.

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Storage & Electrical Capacity

We were a bit disappointed hearing about the tank capacity of this iron. It comes with just an 8.1oz tank. That is far less than other irons in its range. Although, after using it for a few days, our opinion changed. The water is used efficiently which makes it last longer. Unlike some other models, we haven’t had any leakage issues, which is a plus.

The M400 uses 1500w, which is again, not as high as some of its competitors. However, is efficient and does tend to work well. In regular use, we think the power is appropriate and doesn’t need to have anything greater than that.

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Flexibility, Cord, & Warranty

The cord attachment has a 360-degree swivel capability. This makes maneuvering extremely easy. We have used some other brands that had bad maneuvering system. That would consistently need support to adjust it. But the M400 is a breeze to work with. The cord is 8ft, which is also a very welcoming edition. It helps to use the machine from a longer distance. The room might not be properly designed to have socket connections at reach, so having an 8ft long cord makes the process much more convenient.

This product also comes with a 2 years warranty. Customer service is also great. You can expect to get a quick refund in case the product is damaged or came with defects.


  • Very affordable
  • Heat up time is very short
  • 3-second steam regeneration
  • Easy to use


  • Awkward temperature button placement
  • Small water tank
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Final Thoughts

The Maytag M400 overall has been a very dependable machine. It is fast, efficient, and comes with default settings for common fabrics. You don’t need to worry about burning out clothes because of overheating. Judging the value, you get for the money, we think this product is suitable for most households.

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