Naturepedic Organic Crib Mattress Classic

Getting good sleep is essential and has a significant impact on a child’s physical and mental growth. And also, where they sleep is really important. One common headache for parents is finding the right mattress for their infant. Many don’t understand what type of mattress to choose from. Therefore, to offer our help, we have researched and written reviews on the best mattress all-rounder that is perfect for infant health and easier for parents to clean and maintain.

Unsurprisingly, there are companies that still put harmful chemicals in their mattress production. But the mattress that we are reviewing; the Naturepedic Organic Crib Mattress is fully natural and made from organic materials. They are certified, trustable, and the first choice for many concerned parents.  Read through the full article to know why you need an organic mattress instead of a traditional coil made mattress.

Design & Construction

Naturepedic’s mattresses have a simple and classic look to it, this crib mattress is no different. It is carefully designed to be lightweight with the bed dimension being 52” x 28”, a perfect size for most toddlers.

To make the mattress completely organic, Naturepedic used a foam style approach instead of using the more traditional coil design. The foam itself is made from sugarcane. Although not sweet, still food-graded sugarcane. This approach is great as children tend to put in their mouth everything that they like. This mattress won’t release any harmful chemicals onto the children’s body, making it extremely safe.

The crib mattress contains fibers that are entirely made from plants, thus, doesn’t have any gas release or toxic-chemical releases that you might get from some other mattresses. All the mattresses of Naturepedic are waterproof, which is achieved through the use of Food-graded Polyethylene. The benefit of having a waterproof mattress is that it will act as a barrier to dust entries, and help avoid getting dust mite allergies.

Naturepedic’s mattresses are certified to the Global Organic Textile Standards. They have passed all the flammability rate set by the government and also has achieved certification for low chemical emissions.

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There is no use in buying a mattress if it doesn’t serve its purpose, that is to sleep comfortably. Naturepedic has carefully designed its mattresses to be very comfortable and relaxing. If the mattress isn’t comfortable then the baby will spend his/her night tossing, and turning about the bed and give you a headache by waking you up every few hours.

What materials the mattress is built from also affects the health in the long run. Therefore, instead of synthetic fabrics, Naturepedic has gone for an organic cotton approach. Organic cotton is the cleanest form of cotton and much healthier for long term use.

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Probably you have already understood by now that the Naturepedic is built keeping in mind the safety of your baby. Their safety features are a key selling point for their mattresses.

The company has built their mattress to be sturdy, lightweight, as well as maintaining the comforting factor. Naturepedic mattresses have passed the two-finger test which is a concerning factor for many parents. If you are unsure about what it is then, it’s simply a test where no more than your two fingers should get into the gap of the edges of the mattress.

This test is important, as the baby’s limbs might get trapped in the sides causing potential suffocation for them. Babies tend to jump around a lot, so it makes it easy for them to get injured.

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Like I’ve mentioned before, Naturepedic’s organic mattresses are waterproof. This helps greatly in the cleaning process. Babies often have various accidents such as vomiting, pooping, or spilling liquids on the mattress. The waterproofing nature of the crib mattress aims to clean such a mess. You can very easily remove even the hardest stains of liquid from the mattress effortlessly.

Also, the mattress is seamless, which means it won’t stick any waste materials on the edges of the mattress. At only 10 to 12 pounds, the mattress can be carried and placed wherever you desire. There’s no need for two-person to carry the mattress.

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Pros of Naturepedic Organic Mattress

  • Waterproof organic mattress
  • Fully organic – made from pure cotton and sugarcane
  • Lightweight and seamless build
  • No flame retards, no toxic chemicals
  • Made using food-graded materials
  • No Glues or Adhesives
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Cons of Naturepedic Organic Mattress

  • Expensive than non-organic mattresses
  • The mattress pad might need a bit of effort to fit properly
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Final Verdict

Although a bit pricy, but the Naturepedic Classic Organic Crib Mattress is the perfect choice for anyone who is concerned with the safety and comfort of their child. Their popularity is highly aided by their eco-friendly approach. They have acquired various certifications for it and also heavily advertises them on their site. Their mattresses have better breathability, contains no adhesive or glue, and don’t release any toxic chemicals. These factors are definitely important to consider for children’s protection.

Guillermo De Angelis

Guillermo De Angelis, one of the research fellows of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Having worked on baby food formula for more than a decade, she knows how to bring the best food formula for children to the table. Her study background was food and nutrition. During her student life, she got interested in children’s food and their safety from food poisoning. Her profession let her work more intensively with different child problems. Using that experience, now she is a full-fledged children specialist who works on different issues regarding child-raising. From feeding to other aspects of parenting, all come under her surveillance now. To help in bringing the best baby products to the market, she is currently working in collaboration with Doorbell Gears. She writes reviews for every product in the baby and kid category.

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