Physen Diamond Wireless Doorbell Review

Looking for a convenient doorbell can be a tough job, especially if you are not conversant with wireless doorbells. There are many brands of the market so making it tough to tell which product will work for you well.

The Physen Diamond wireless doorbell is one of the most stylish elegant model designed doorbell. It comes with fifty-two melodies that you can choose from a variety.

The doorbell has 500 feet operation range door buzzer, unlike others. It is great for housing simple diamond surface that seamlessly shows high-end visual effect. The doorbell has ABS materials that have attributes of high rigidity hence making it durable.

Physen Diamond doorbell will suit your needs because it can be easily handled that is it has features that make it easy to handle like being waterproof.


For those people who love getting value for every product they buy, Physen Diamond doorbell is the right pick. It’s great appearance and quality construction makes it have a longer life as compared to some models on the market.

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Waterproof Technology

The push button of this doorbell features a unique technology, unlike other non-waterproof buttons. This unique button makes it easy to operate the doorbell when you are touching. Again, you can decide to mount the touching button either indoors or outdoors depending on where you prefer.

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Operating Range

In an open area, this unit has an operating range of 500 feet. However, it is important to note that the range can differ depending on the type of construction. You also need to know that the push button should not be mounted on any metallic surface.

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Adjustable Ring Volumes

This wireless doorbell comes with a variety of rings and tones. It provides you with four levels of adjustment so you can select the right volume level that you need. Again, its chime gives you the chance to change the tunes when you want to.

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Easy Installation

One of the drawbacks that many people face is the installation of doorbells. With this unit, you are not likely to experience any problem because there is no wiring is required. The fact that the doorbell is wireless makes it easy to mount it without any challenges.

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  • It is easy to install since there is no wiring and it only requires few things just the screw and anchors or double sided tape
  • It is very affordable hence cheap
  • It has waterproof capabilities hence can withstand any weather condition without any interference
  • It does not over heat and has an impact of resistance hence durable
  • It has adjustable volumes that range from 26db to 85db this can be really loud
  • Has a variety of melodies that you can change according to your mood


  • It can be really loud which can be disturbing to some people
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the doorbell button have a light or glow so it can be seen at night?

A: When the doorbell is pressed the button it would shine hence it will not shine when someone is not pressing it

Q: any UK plug?

A: Yes the UK plug is possible you can actually put it on.

Q: Does it have jungle sound or songs like in the jungle?

A: No there are no jungle sounds or songs but in future, they will add those melodies.

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Final Verdict

This doorbell has the quality that you need it is built with high-quality materials. This doorbell it’s extremely geometric it stands out in your home and it is accompanied by amazing melodies that are the ring tones this is a great way of welcoming the visitors.

The weight is extremely light and it comes with screws that you can mount with and the price is pretty good it is affordable and it works really well when it comes to the volume is easily adjustable and has a good range.

I would rate this doorbell with five stars because it has amazing features everything that you are looking for in a doorbell you will find it in this one this will save you a lot of coins from other low-quality doorbells.

Andres Pereira

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