RelaxOnChair MK-Classic Review

Going for a massage is definitely costly, and the cost just keeps adding up as you go there more. For people suffering from back pain or other types of body pain, getting a massage might be a requirement. Therefore, spending on a permanent onetime investment would be very ideal.

Nowadays, a massage chair is fully equipped to provide relieves from many types of body pains. Even if not for pain relief, having a massage chair for comfortable sleep is also a great choice, as many people have difficulty getting proper sleep. But these chairs are outstandingly expensive comparing what they do. So, if you really need a massage chair choosing the right one will be very important.

To help our audience select the right massage chair, we have reviewed one of the best ones that are currently available in the market. We will be reviewing the RelaxOnChair MK-Classic. In case you want to watch movies while massaging, read our review on the BenQ HT2050A 1080P Home Theater Projector.

Design & Construction

The MK-Classic looks premium in all angles. And it should look premium judging the price you are paying for it. The materials used in this chair are very high class and well put together.

Even without all the technology built into this chair, it feels and looks like a regular premium chair. In case it breaks, you can still use it as a normal chair. It is comfortably both ways.

This chair is designed to adjust to the shape of your body and give a comforting sitting arrangement based on your height. It will start measuring your body proportions once you start using it. It has sensors that can detect the user’s spine and determine its settings based on it. This is really useful as you don’t need to manually adjust its position.

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3-Stage Positions

The MK-Classic offers a 3-stage reclining position. The seat can go from 115-degree to 160-degree. The first stage is just the typical excessive recline, that you will find in most massage chairs. The second one is the Zero gravity recline. Meaning, your heart, and feet will be on the same level. This position is very useful for people with back pains. It kind of eliminates any kind of discomfort as the pressure from the spine is lifted. It also aids in more relaxation. Finally, the third stage will lift the feet above the heart. This position is useful for massage and sleeping.

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Adjustments – Shoulder Height, Foot Extension

The adjustability of this chair is great. Although it is designed for up to 6.5” height, it can stretch to fit 6.6”, making it suitable for taller persons.

The foot support can extend to 5.5inches and will auto retract after use. The massaging function is carried out by twenty airbags. These will match your body when you start using the chair. You can also customize it to properly fit your shape. You can push the shoulder bag inwards, slide up or down as per your height.

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Heat Therapy

Although the heating system may not be as powerful as some other models but works really well. It offers 2 heating pads that are located in the lower area for better coverage. People with muscle pains will find it really useful and combining with the massage features, they are sure to get relief.

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Remote Control

Operating the remote is simple for those who are familiar with how a massage chair works. Some customers did complain about it being a bit difficult to understand.

The remote is fully backlit. It will stay in that state as long as it is being used. This is really handy when operating at night. There are 7 auto pre-set programs built-in that you can make use of. We have found these pre-made massage sessions to be very convenient and useful. You will get to choose between Full body massage, relief, stretch, quick, all air, yoga, and sleep. There is also the option for heating. Or if you want a custom message, you will always have the liberty to make a manual setup yourself.

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Ease of use

This product comes already assembled so you don’t need to take the pain yourself. These things are also pretty complicated, you may just mess things up, so getting it already assembled is definitely the right move.

However, this chair is very bulky and heavy. Setting it up will be a bit of a hassle. Plus, because of its size, you may want to check in on the measurements of your doors to see if it will fit. Don’t panic in case it doesn’t fit, the company will provide a manual to disassemble if you ask for it. Their customer support is known to be great and well appreciated by many. If you don’t require disassembling, which, probably you wouldn’t; all that needs to be done is to just plug in the cable to the electric socket. And it will be ready to use.

Pros of MK Classic

  • Very Luxurious
  • 3-Stage Recline System
  • 7 automated modes as well as full manual control
  • 3-year warranty
  • Excellent customer support

Cons of MK Classic

  • Very expensive
  • Not suitable for short people
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Final Verdict

If you need a massage chair, then the MK Classic is a really good one. It is surely expensive than some other chairs in the market but does offer excellent value for money. The customer support is great, they will give you in-person support in case anything goes wrong, and also offers a solid 3-year warranty that you can rely on. Anyways, we really loved this chair and would recommend anyone in the market for buying massage chairs.

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