Review on the ZMI PowerPack 20000

The more modern MacBooks and Windows laptops are taking away the port selection that we used to have before. Now they are just offering a few USB-C ports and that’s about it. But what if you want to store data, connect a mouse, transfer files via Pendrive, and charge the laptop, all at the same time. These are the issues we aim to solve using our recommendation of products we think will be useful.

In this article, we will be reviewing one of the best Power Banks that will solve the issues mentioned above and also provide outstanding performance. We are talking about the ZMI PowerPack 20000. With over 300 ratings and 74% of them being 5-stars, this product is one of the best all-rounder PowerBanks you will find in the market right now under $60. This product is compatible with the New Apple iPad 10.2-inch 32GB.


ZMI PowerPack 20000 looks really sleek at a first glance. The overall footprint is similar to iPhone 8 Plus. Looking at its size, people would assume it would be able to charge a maximum of two devices, but that’s not the case. This thing packs more power and features in a very small pack. The capability of simultaneously charging a laptop, phone, and transferring data on the computer is what makes for the biggest selling point of this device.

This product has a height of 6.3”, a width of 3.2”, and a depth of 0.8”. It also weighs quite a bit, at around 14.3 ounces. Still, the features and functionality make up for those issues.

The device is built using an aluminum shell and has a plastic frame that goes through the entire frame. It also hosts the power button and indicator lights for power usage. At the top, there are three ports. One for USB-C and rest two are USB-A ports.

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Ease of use

Not much is there to discuss regarding the usability of this device. It is fairly self-explanatory if you have used PowerBanks before. Still, all you need to do to operate this product is just plug in the included USB-C cable and try charging the device. Once all 4 lights are turned on, this will mean the battery capacity is at 100%. Then simply plug in your devices to it and this will start charging them.

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Charge, capacity, compatibility

The ZMI PowerBank hosts a huge 20,000mAh battery. This battery is enough to recharge a smartphone multiple times without any issues. It’s a really handy device for traveling.

One issue, however, is that this product is not compatible with whatever devices you desire. The company has listed what models can be used this device with on their website and on the Amazon listing. You can check them out using the link provided in the intro section of this article. Some noticeable device range includes MacBook Pro 2015 or later, PixelBook, Nintendo Switch, iPhone 8 or later, iPad, and Samsung devices, and GoPro Hero 5 or later.

This device is capable of intelligently recognizing Andriod and IOS devices. One issue that caught our attention is that it will not work with Dell XPS 15.

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A short note about the company

ZIMI corporation is a renowned electronics company that sells consumer electronic gadgets worldwide. The brand ZMI USA is supported by ZIMI corporation and primarily manufactures mobile power accessories such as battery backup packs, adaptors, cables, etc. Till now, the company has sold over 110 million units across the globe.

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Value for money

If you have one or a few of the devices listed to be compatible with this product, then it is a great value for the money. You can literally get a few days’ worth of charge on the go using this device. It can act as a central hub for power and data transfer. This multi-way operating solution is really helpful judging the fact that laptops these days come with a limited selection of ports. We believe, instead of carrying a dongle all the time, this device alone can fulfill those connectivity needs. However, in case you want to run numerous devices at once, then having a separate dongle will come in handy.

The 18 monthly official warranty is also a plus. Also, the company offers lifetime technical support, which is appreciated. Many companies these days will sell you the product and stop giving additional support after the warranty expires. Not only that, you will need a big company to get good customer service, usually, accessories manufacturers don’t provide that great customer service.


  • Works as a central hub
  • Fast charging speed
  • Conveniently large battery capacity
  • 18 months warranty
  • Comes with a Type C-to-C cable by default
  • Very affordable


  • Limited device support
  • Slightly heavier than usual
  • Doesn’t support Dell XPS 15
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Final Thoughts

The uncommon feature of being a hub is what stood out the most. This product s surely a bargain based on the price relative to usability. But one major drawback that will hold many users from buying it is its limited compatibility. Many older devices can’t be used with it. Nevertheless, before buying this product, check out their website and see if your devices are compatible with it or not. If everything checks out, this is a really excellent purchase.

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