RUSK Engineering W8less Review

Owning a hairdryer is an essential tool for most women. This tool is what helps you mold your hair into your desired style. It used to be the case that people would go to the salon for simple hair styling, it is no longer the case. And that’s thanks to these technologies getting cheaper. Now people can enjoy salon-quality hair styling all from the comfort of their home.

One issue that most people face is finding the right hairdryer. While some perform really well but might be expensive, others might come with various defects. Such as, dryers usually don’t tend to last that long, if it has heat issues, it will soon get damaged. So to help our audience select the right hair dryer, we have done our research and selected a few of the best hair dryers that are available in the market.

We will be reviewing the RUSK Engineering W8less. As of making this review, this product has over 3000 ratings, out of which 78% are 5-stars. It very is efficient, heats up fast, and very well designed. Read the full article to see if it is worth your money. In case you are interested in air purifiers, read our review on Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier.

Design & Construction

At a first glance, you can’t say if it is an $80 or a $150 product. The design is very premium looking and will blend in with most of your personal care products. The design is not just for looking good but is also functional. It helps with better airflow speed and has certain materials built inside for more even heating. We will talk about that later in this article.

We are reviewing the white version of this product. Not sure if there is any other color available or not. This was the only color available for purchase. Anyway, it does look cool and is quite aesthetically pleasing.

The design is simple enough for most beginners to operate this dryer. One thing that we really dislike about the product is that the button placement is a bit counterintuitive. It does have very easy access changing modes, but the button is placed where your fingers will be. If you are someone who doesn’t get used to things fast, then this might an issue for you.

To avoid changing modes by mistake, you will need to hold it from the bottom, which takes away the fact that it is supposed to be held for a long time without any numbness. Holding it from the bottom will make it off-balanced and can cause soreness if held for a long time. However, if you get used to holding it avoiding wrong button clicks just like most people did, then you will enjoy using this product.

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Heat Settings

In total you will get 7 control settings, all are accessed through push buttons. Two are for speed and the rest are for changing the heating and cooling. The cool shot button is a really convenient option, that locks the user’s hairstyle and avoids overheating. In general, you will mostly use two heating options, of which one is for warmer air and the other for more intense heating.

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The RUSK W8less uses 2000-Watts of power for operating smoothly. It is enough to give you efficient and suitable heating required. The internals is infused with ceramic and tourmaline for effectively achieving equal heating throughout the system. This also helps to achieve more heat than usual. And in our test, we have found it actually to be more powerful in terms of heat and airflow generated by this dryer, compared to many other expensive models.

The system also uses infrared rays to penetrate more deeply into the hair for faster drying operations. This is useful for people with dense hair.

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Ease of use

Usability is where this product shines as compared to some other brands. There are various factors that help in its usability. Firstly, it has really excellent ergonomics. Holding it is very comfortable. One issue that we have previously mentioned is the button placements. If you are ok with it, then you will have a good time using this product. Then the cord is the second thing we really like. It is a long 8ft cord, which is very easy to maneuver and doesn’t weigh much. Many products we have tried came with a shorter cord, which just made our experience much worse. Having it plugged in, we would have to stay in mostly the same position, but that’s not the case with the Rusk W8less.

Also, the back grill easily comes off. This makes it easy to clean the product in case it gets dirty. You would obviously want to clean it, otherwise, dust specks can get into the hairs and ruin all your efforts. We do recommend that you clean it from time to time.

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Pros of the Rusk W8less

  • Very easy to use
  • Heats up very fast and has excellent fan speed
  • Comes with 8ft cord
  • Fairly quiet
  • Premium looking design
  • Adjustable hot and cold temperature
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Cons of the Rusk W8less

  • The button placement is a bit odd
  • Fairly Expensive
  • Doesn’t come with a diffuser
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Final Thoughts

The Rusk W8less is the right choice for most women. You can easily achieve salon-quality hairstyling without paying extra. We have tested various other products, even more, higher-end models, but for us judging the price and performance, the W8less is the best one. Heat and airspeed are what matters when buying dryers. This product performed better than most.

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