Review on Silver Ticket 100″ – 4k capable projector screen

Silver Ticket 100″ Review

If you own a projector, then the next ideal step will be to add a projector screen to the setup. Even if you have a perfectly white and smooth wall, the output will not be as great. A good projector screen will enhance the visual output to a larger extend. Plus, the frames will help you align the projection at a fixed ratio.

However, many companies are coming up with new projectors that don’t offer much performance. Finding the ideal one will be quite difficult. To help our audience setup their home theatre, we have done extensive research and written a review on the Silver Ticket 100″. This is by far, one of the best wall-mount projector screens currently available for purchase for just under $200. This product is extremely popular and has 5 on 5 stars with over 4000+ ratings.

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There’s not much to talk about in terms of the aesthetics of this product. It’s a completely white screen with a comparatively slim bezel around it. Similar to what you would see in classrooms. This product is not designed to be portable. It is a fixed frame screen that needs to be assembled. The overall look of the screen seems simple, but the assembly part is quite complicated. We will talk about that in a later section of this article. Regarding the size, when measured diagonally, the screen is 100-inch with an aspect ratio of 16:9.

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Once it is fully set up, the screen will lie completely flat. The black border at the edges will work on eliminating the light spills. There is no moving or electronic mechanism associated with the screen. You will get the frame which is divided into 6 pieces, the screen, and tensioning bars, along with the pins. Except for the screen and tension bars, all other components are either aluminum or steel-made. It feels surprisingly sturdy and should last for a long time without needing to replace any part.

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Ease of use

The entire build can take roughly an hour and looks pain-free initially. The whole setup is very simple, but as you progress through it, you will quickly realize the need for extra support.

You will get a few tension rods that go into the screen tracks. These act as the first foundation to keep the screen straight and sturdy. It can be a bit troublesome at first, but you will quickly get the hang of it. The heavy-duty aluminum frames are joined together using 4 small triangular metal hooks on each edges and two straight hooks that go between the center part of each side. This helps the frame to stay in position.

In addition, there’s one final aluminum rod that goes vertically across the entire frame. This part will be more difficult to position properly as you will need to slide it diagonally and put some force to get it straight. Finally, the pins are easy to screw. All are the same size and shape, so there isn’t going to be any confusion about what goes where. When putting it on the wall, you will definitely need some assistance. If you attempt to do it yourself, then the screen might suffer some damage if not handled properly.

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Screen quality

The screen is fully 4K capable. There’s one thing we would like to address first. When projecting on the screen, use white lights instead of warm light. The output will be day and night difference. Warm lights make it feel as if you are using a decades-old TV set, so we recommend avoiding it. Now coming back to the quality, it’s just fantastic. It won’t perform the same as an OLED display, but is in many cases, better than an LCD screen. The colors are well-balanced and the viewing angle is fairly decent for a projector screen. All in all, it’s crisp and clear to look at.

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Pros of Silver Ticket 100″

  • Very cheap compared to other alternatives
  • Outputs great color accuracy
  • There’s no flex in either of the frame or the screen
  • Very solid and sturdy construction
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Cons of Silver Ticket 100″

  • Setup will be difficult for newbies
  • Tension rods are plastic
  • Instruction is not as clear as we would like
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Final thoughts

Even comparing to more expensive options, the Silver Ticket 100″ tends to produce comparatively better performance. It is cheap and doesn’t compromise that much on quality. The display is sharp and the colors are far more accurate than we anticipated. Setup can be a bit of a hassle, but this isn’t the case with this particular brand. Projector screens that need assemble are in general difficult to work with. So all in all, comparing the price, durability, and color output, this is the best projector screen that is suitable for most consumers.

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