Synology DS220+ NAS DiskStation

A simple data loss can potentially cost business millions of dollars’ worth of financial loss. Therefore, making a compromise in data security is not acceptable. Even if not for a business, but also for personal cases, data loss is very problematic. Assume you’ve stored your childhood memories in a hard drive and all of a sudden, everything gets lost. That’s an issue.

To make lives easier and your data transferring and storing process much simpler, we have reviewed and researched one of the best NAS systems for all types of use. This device probably won’t be suitable for large corporations, but small to medium-sized businesses can make use of it properly.

The Synology 2 Bay NAS DiskStation DS220+, with its 1800+ ratings and over 88% 5-star ratings, is one of the best NAS systems you can currently find on the market. It is a high-quality budget-friendly product being sold for just under $300. Read through our full review to see if this NAS system is suitable for your data security or not. We will try to make this review easy for most people to understand. Rather than throwing a bunch of technical jargon, we will just let you know the benefits and drawbacks of owning this device. If you need portable storage devices, read our review on the SAMSUNG T5 Portable SSD 1TB.


Although the design isn’t the first priority for choosing such a device, still, Synology has thought about those customers who love to showcase their electronics to people, and designed their product accordingly. This product looks really premium and modern. It looks perfectly and rigidly built in every aspect.

The sides of this product are completely clean except for a big logo of the company. The back part has a huge circular grill for air outflow. The front is where you will get the status lights and power button. Direct access to a copy button below the power button is really useful.

The Synology 2 NAS is designed to be very modular and easily accessible. Opening the front part of the chassis, you will get access to the storage drives and all the internal components. The internal parts are well spaced out. It is essential as this device will be running for continuous periods of time and proper airflow is important. In case any repairing is needed, this whole system is built using big bolts that are easy to see and access. So, regarding user accessibility, this system gets our full marks.

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The base model comes with 2GB DDR4 RAM by default. It might sound low, but judging it’s a storage system, you won’t have any issues with the performance. Also, in case you need more speed, then there is also the option to upgrade up to 6GB of RAM. Still, some people might find it disappointing as the 2GB base RAM is soldered. The system could have up to 8GB but because of it, now it can support only 6GB storage.

The internal memory capacity is up to 32TB, of which, there are 2 slots and each supports 16TB. The front cover is strongly held by a magnet and can be easily removed when needed. The tool-free carriers also make it very easy to swap the drives when needed.

The system is powered by a 2 core 2.0 GHz speed, that can go up to 2.9 GHz. Also, this offers an average of 15% speed boost for computing-intensive processes. The RAID 1 setup is designed to protect against hard-drive failure. Therefore, saving the data inside the machine.

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Ease of use

Like we have mentioned, this system is very easy to understand and operate. You can easily access any components for either replacement or repair. The buttons are very minimal, in fact, come with just two buttons at the front. One for power and the other one for copying. Obviously, people who are new to NAS systems will not understand how this thing works. But for people who are familiar with what it is, they will find it very convenient to operate. In case, you don’t understand any certain feature, consider going through the user manual.

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People who have used Synology’s NAS systems before might get a disappointing hearing about the warranty of this system. Most of the NAS system they offer come with a three-year warranty, whereas, this base model has only two years of manufacturer warranty. Might not be a huge deal for new users, but still is disappointing.

Anyways, Synology’s products are very well-known for their performance and longevity. Be assured, this system won’t break down in the middle of use. It is definitely reliable and the company also partners with other popular brands for its system.


  • Compact and premium design
  • 4K Video Transcoding
  • Easy disk swaps
  • Expandable memory slots
  • First and third-party app support


  • Suitable only for small teams or company
  • The base model comes with only 2GB of RAM
  • Limited storage capacity
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Final Thoughts

The Synology 2 NAS DS220+, at its base model, is very decent. You will be able to do all your tasks without issue. Team collaboration, file sharing, and hosting can be done seamlessly. This system is not for multiple large team operations. For that, you will need to upgrade to the higher-end models. But for small teams or businesses, this system is definitely worth it, especially considering its size. This system is compact enough to be placed on small tables or any corner of the room.

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