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Thule Urban Glide 2 Jogging Stroller

Carrying a baby continuously in your arms for hours is really difficult. It becomes more difficult if you are out shopping, going to an event, or just out for a walk. For those parents, strollers are a blessing. But when choosing strollers, parents need to be extremely cautious on which one to pick. From a few months to even a year-old age, a baby’s body is not fully developed to take any physical pressure. So, for cautious parents, we have reviewed and tested the best stroller for their infant’s safety and comfort.

The Thule Urban Glide 2 Jogging Stroller is an Award-winning all-terrain stroller designed for both the child’s comfort and the parent’s convenience. Whether you want to go jogging, shopping, or for any event nearby or abroad, the Glide 2 is perfect for all urban areas. It has a very premium look with aluminum build materials and comes in different color variants from which you can choose to match your fit. Read through this whole review to see why the Glide 2 might be the perfect fit for you.

Design & Build

The Urban Glide 2 Jogging Stroller will without any doubt rank highly in terms of its styles and design. It is easily one of the best premium looking baby strollers in the market. Not only styles it comes with fairly decent parent-friendly extras.

The functionality buttons of the strollers are color-coated in bright blue to help parents easily identify them. With its handlebar adjustability ranging from 100cm to 115cm, it is handleable for most people.

One problem with infant strollers is that at high speeds it is hard to stop, resulting in potential accident possibilities. It is very common when you are going downhills. Thule solves this issue by providing manual handbrakes that you can use to keep the speed in check. So, in case you are on unusually difficult terrains, the handbrake will always be within your reach.

Unsurprisingly, it also comes with the very usual footbrake. With just a flick it instantly turns on and off for maximum protection. It is color-coated red to distinguish it from other buttons and to note it as an emergency use tool.

The three inflatable air tires are already excellent, the inclusion of suspensions makes it more comfortable for the infant passenger to ride on. It has excellent stability and can easily go on rough tracks at the minimal turbulence caused to the passenger.

Compared to other infant strollers, the Glide 2 is fairly light and can very flawlessly balance a child of a maximum of 34kg weight.

The included shopping bag will definitely come handy not only when you are doing shopping, but also to store whatever you need when you are out on the road. The basket is large, well-built, and comes with a zip closing capability to keep your things protected from unwanted access.

The seat itself is made from splash-proof polyester. Any sort of spills can be easily cleaned off without putting much effort.

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Ease of use

The Glide comes with non-adjustable leg rest which slopes downwards. Although, the seat-structure is fixed, but is still comfortable to sit on. To make the seat recline enough for proper napping position, there is a convenient strap mechanism behind the seat.

The back ventilation lets in enough air for the baby to breathe in even after the seats are reclined at a very flat angle. The seat’s movement system is handled using a clamp style design that can be used to easily move the seat downwards and upwards.

The large hood on the seat holds a small sun visor for added sun protection. It is necessary due to the fact that a child is sensitive to get affected in any environment. Its additional zip opening extension panel allows for more added protection and airflow.

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Thule has made the Glide 2 very conveniently transportable and storable. Because of its slide and twist unlock mechanism it is foldable with just one hand. Although, you will need a bit of practice to perfect it with one hand. So, for beginners, using both hands for folding it is recommended. To avoid accidents while lifting it in a folding position, the Glide 2 comes with an automated locking lever that aims to keep it closed while being carried.

Even after being folded, it is not totally compact enough to be put into any car truck. To make it fit, you will need to remove the rear wheels, which rescues its size quite a bit. Removing and installing the wheels back is not difficult. Anyone knowing how to operate a stroller will be just fine with the process.

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Pros of the Urban Glide 2

  • Comfortable ride for the passenger
  • Has excellent suspension for bumpy rides
  • The canopy comes integrated with a sun visor
  • Sturdy and well-structured
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Cons of the Urban Glide 2

  • Footbrake is not very convenient to operate while in motion
  • Child weight limited to 34kg
  • Takes noticeable space even after folded
  • Not suitable for off-road journeys
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Final Verdict

The Thule Urban Glide 2 Jogging Stroller is more updated and feature-packed considering the needs of its customers. It is comfortable enough for parents to go shopping while their child is sleeping comfortably inside the stroller. While it may not be the most compact product, but still compact enough to be put onto your vehicle while traveling. Glide 2 is carefully designed keeping in mind child protection for both physical and weather conditions. This product has gained a solid reputation for its durability and usability and we don’t see anything replacing it anytime soon.

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