TUFT & NEEDLE – Original Queen mattress review

A good night’s sleep will help you stay active throughout the day. And mattresses play a crucial part in that process. Choosing the right mattress will help you stay active and in good shape. Oftentimes people buy mattresses that are very soft and fluffy, but those don’t necessarily help in supporting proper body posture.

If you are having back pains, or any discomfort after a week or two of using that mattress, then it is not the right product for you. Using such a mattress consistently may result in permanent physical damages. Therefore, to make our audience’s lives easier, we have researched and written a review on one of the best mattresses that you can find on Amazon right now.

We will be reviewing the TUFT & NEEDLE Original Queen mattress. It currently has over 12,500 ratings with 72% being 5-Stars. Judging all the features and quality of the product, we think it is the best mattress you will find under $600. Read our full review to see if this mattress will be best for you or not.

Design, Material, & Construction

Just by the looks of the mattress, it looks exactly what you will see being used in advertisements. What we mean to say is that it looks premium. Definitely will blend in with modern furniture.

The construction of the mattress is very minimal and looks quite conventional. It has a 2 layer foam, the top one being a 3” adaptive foam for comfort and the bottom layer is a 7” foam used for the body support. The 2-layer idea might put off some people at first, but is actually quite useful and literally, a lot of people seem to like it better.

The mattress comes with a soft and finely textured cover which can be easily removed using its included zipper. Although it is removable, we wouldn’t recommend doing it, not even for cleaning. It’s a huge pain to clean mattresses and takes a lot of effort. Instead, use a protective cover to keep it clean.

Regarding the material, the top layer is made using T&N Adaptive foam, which acts like memory foam and offers pressure relief for back support. The bottom layer helps support the overall shape on where it is placed.

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Temperature, Pressure Relief, & Complaints

The temperature maintenance is where this mattress stands out from its competitors. It has an effective heat removal capability. The top layer is composed using graphite and is also infused with cooling gel for greater heat removal ability.

In real use, we have found it to be very useful. On hot summer days, body temperature compared to a conventional mattress was significantly better. You wouldn’t need to change body position to get better comfort from the heat. But the winter season is what we are worried about. You would want to stay as warm as possible. And if because of its cooling system, the heat goes away, then probably wouldn’t be that useful. Still, we haven’t used this product in winter, so we can’t tell for sure. Nevertheless, comfort is guaranteed.

Now, regarding pain relief, this mattress does a very decent job. We are saying decent because some customers have a complaint about back pains after using this mattress for a few weeks. They have even taken the liberty to go and write reviews on it on Amazon. But the majority of the customers seem to really like the product. The company does however sends a free topper to those customers having back pain. That is a really nice gesture that shows their support for customers.

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Ease of use

The setup and usability of this product have been by far the easiest and most convenient. This product ships inside a rectangular box that is small enough to be carried by one person. Setting up for the first time also requires just one person.

The mattress will be compressed and wrapped with a large plastic. Just put it out of the box and place it on the bed. Then simply unroll the plastic wrapper. The product will automatically inflate within a few hours. The company claims up to 72 hours can take it to inflate, we are guessing that is said because some products might be boxed for years, which might require longer to get back to normal shape after being unboxed. Anyways, ours took just an hour and was completely ready to be used.

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Warranty, 100-Day Trial

The company offers a 10 years warranty on their mattresses. Although this is very useful, we wouldn’t recommend using mattresses for such a long time. Depending on the use and mattress, within 8 to 10 years these start to deform and become more uncomfortable to use. Therefore, consider changing mattresses after every few years. Still, the 10-year warranty will save you from any issues that you might face while using this product.

TUFT & NEEDLE also offers a 100-day free trial. It sounds really impressive. But there have been complaints from customers claiming they weren’t able to get it refunded. This product is machine compressed, and that technology isn’t commonly available for public use, therefore, they couldn’t get it inside the box. The checkpoints refuse to take it back as the product is not in the box. So be aware of this issue.


  • Very comfortable and relaxing
  • One person setup
  • Lightweight and easily carriable
  • Multi-layered for balanced comfort
  • Suitable for tall people


  • Might be a bit expensive for some people
  • Not as soft as some other competitors
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Final Thoughts

Overall, the TUFT & NEEDLE original mattress has been great in daily use. It is very easy to use and clean. One thing to note is that, when you first assemble the product, a certain odor might come out of the mattress. This will go away within a few hours after being fully setup. Anyway, it is comfortable and anyone can have a relaxing sleep without a doubt. We really love this mattress and recommend it to anyone in the market looking for mattresses.

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