Voye 72-20488 Wireless Remote Control Doorbell Review

Looking for a cheap and high-quality doorbell? Voye72-20488 is the way to go. This doorbell is a wireless design with a range of approximately 250feet. It is very easy to install where all you have to do is put the transmitter close to your door and the receiver should be anywhere in your home within 250 feet since it requires no wires for installation. It includes an adhesive back for easy mounting.

It has ten different chimes where you can set to high, medium or low volumes. When the transmitter button is pressed, your selected ringtone will alert you that there is a visitor outside. This wireless doorbell will let you personalize the experience to suit your preferred style or ambiance.

However, this doorbell requires batteries for it to work effectively. The transmitter requires one 12volts battery in the package while the chime requires three “AA” batteries which you need to buy separately.


Easy To Install

It has a transmitter which has an adhesive back for easy mounting. By adhesive, it simply means that the transmitter has a sticky back which is mounted on the wall.

This adhesive back sticks well on the wall without falling off easily. This doorbell is adjusted using a remote which makes work easier to moderate the volumes and the chime.

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Ten Different Chimes

Chimes are simply the ringtones of the doorbell. This doorbell has ten of them which you can adjust to your preference depending on what you like.

The chimes can be any genre of music and the real “alarming” tones of a simple bell. Having all these choices to choose from is such an honor. Clearly, this makes life more interesting and fun.

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Again, judging from the name, this doorbell model does require any wires for installation. This makes it easy to install and saves a lot of time and cost where you would have to pay someone for its installations and maintenance.

Even if it is wireless, its sound reaches a range of approximately 250feet. That range is long enough for you to hear while upstairs or a few feet away from the house.

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The transmitter requires a battery of 12 volts which is included in the package while purchasing it while the chime requires three “AA” is not included during purchase.

The transmitter’s batteries are rechargeable hence you can recharge after the charge has been drained, On the other hand, the chime’s batteries are changed.

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The voye72-20488 wireless doorbell is affordable. By this, it means that it is cheaper than the Spiegel e100W doorbell.

You can change the batteries in case the doorbell stops working and continue enjoying the services. It is easier to maintain since you buy new batteries for it anytime it stops working. Batteries are cheap to purchase.

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  • Its batteries are changeable.
  • You can adjust the chimes to different volumes.
  • It is easy to install.
  • It is affordable.
  • The sound is loud and clear.
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  • You must change the batteries which increase the costs.
  • The sticker that hangs the bell might not stick well hence causing the bell to fall off.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I set the volume and change the chimes?

A: Volume is on the side. To change the volume, you have a slide switch low, high and medium labeled. To change the chime, you press the set button to go through the various chimes. As you come to the preferred chime, don’t press the set button again.

Q: Can I screw it in the wall?

A: Yes you can. In fact, there are two screws provided for this.

Q: Does it have a light that glows at night so that it can be found in the door?

A: No there’s no light, but the bright blue and white color are easily visible.

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Final Verdict

Some people might complain that the doorbell does not stick well on the wall such that it keeps falling off, but they haven’t seen the two screws on the sides of the doorbell provided for this purpose. If it doesn’t stick well, you don’t have to worry. Screw it on the wall. It’s that simple.

This doorbell saves on too many costs. It is cheap to purchase and to manage it is easy since all you need is to recharge the transmitter battery and change the chime batteries.

Missing important deliveries, visitors or clients will be will no longer take place when you install this fantastic remote doorbell. It installs quickly without the hassle of using wires.

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