Review on Ring Alarm system

Ring Alarm system Review

Danger can knock on your door at any given moment. There’s no guarantee that your home will stay safe while you are out attending an important business meeting. To keep a check on your home, wireless security systems are becoming the new norm.

But companies nowadays are charging high subscription fees to offer their service. You will need to pay for the whole system, and on top of that, to ensure live security, additional monthly payments will have to go out of your pocket. Luckily, Ring has been making these security systems for quite some time and offers an affordable alternative to expensive security systems.

We will be reviewing the 2nd generation of the Ring Alarm system. It has 5 on 5 stars with 10,000+ ratings on Amazon. This system is considerably cheaper than other alternatives. Ring Alarm does have a subscription plan but the price is far less than most home security products. And even if you are not into a subscription, this system allows you to Livestream footage, receive notifications, and control the system wirelessly. By any chance, if you are interested in SSDs, then consider reading our review on the Western Digital WD Blue SN550.


The base station is mostly the same as the previous generation. But the other components are slightly smaller, which gives them a more premium look and feel. The components are mostly plastic built. Which is a good thing, because it keeps the price low. Besides, such security isn’t meant to be a showpiece for homes.

The package that we have comes in 5 pieces set. You can also choose the system with 8 or 14 pieces. Each module has its different dimensions and is rated to be operated at very specific temperatures. You will definitely want to read the user manual regarding its use.

Base Station

The base station is the most important part of the whole system, as it connects all of the devices. It will have access to your wifi and mobile app using which you can wirelessly operate all of the functionalities. Plus, the station also acts as a siren. It is loud enough to be heard from your neighbor’s house, so be aware of any false notification activating the alarm. The base station will be connected to a wall socket, however, it has a backup battery that can keep it running for 24 hours if needed.


The keypad is redesigned to be more functional. It now has three separate buttons for contacting the police, fire, and medical support. This is super useful as you don’t need to navigate into the system to get emergency support. To contact the authorities, all you need to do is to press and hold the button for three seconds. This will trigger an emergency call at the address you have listed with the Ring Alarm system. If needed you can temporarily disable the system using either the software on your phone or the using keypad itself.

Motion sensor

The new motion sensor comes with a light indicator and a button. And can also detect pets. If you own pets then this is good news for you. The sensor can detect subjects weighing 50 pounds or less. This is possible because of the updated motion sensor technology that’s integrated into the system. It will help you avoid getting false notifications regarding pet movement. The range is also great for a medium-sized house.

Contact Sensor

The contact sensor is separated into two parts. Ideally, it is intended to be mounted on the door, or window. This sensor is powered by two coin cell batteries. Ring claims it to last around three years. The range it covers is just 250 feet. It is enough for a medium-sized house. However, for larger homes, the extender needs to be used to broaden its reach. Also important is that the line of sight needs to be visible. The base station and the sensors need to be in open-air contact. The recommended temperature for operating this contact sensor is between 0-degree to 49-degree Celcius.

The range extender

The range extender is a huge bonus if you have a larger home. It adds additional 250 feet of range. You only need to plug it in the wall socket and it will be good to go. In case you don’t have access to electricity, the extender also comes with its own battery. It will last for 24 hours before needing to recharge. The operating temperature for the range extender is 0-degree to 40-degree Celcius and is meant to be used indoors.

Why we like Ring Alarm (2nd Gen)

The professional monitoring feature costs just $10 per month. That is significantly cheaper compared to many other home security setups. The Ring Protect Plus will provide you with 24/7 monitoring. In case of an emergency, the company will send first responders directly to your house. It also provides unlimited video storage and cellular support.

The Amazon Alexa support enables you with loads of possibilities with this system. You can integrate Alexa-supported devices and set specific commands that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible. Finally, the price is just great. At just $200, you are getting a cheap and extremely reliable home security system. The base version comes with 5 piece kit, which should be enough for most small to medium-sized homes. If you need to add more modules, you will need to purchase them separately.

Pros of the Ring Alarm

  • The full system and the subscription packages are very cheap
  • You can mix and match components from 1st and 2nd generations
  • Battery backup is extremely good
  • Can be operated using the mobile app
  • The range extender adds an additional 250 feet of reach

Cons of the Ring Alarm

  • The camera quality isn’t that great
  • Comes with fewer modules
  • The keypad can be a bit difficult to understand for new users

Final Thoughts

If you are someone who needs a home security system without spending too much money on a monthly subscription; this is the perfect choice for you. The Ring Alarm isn’t the best. It lacks features that are available in more premium alternatives. Still, you can add modules at a later point of time as you see fit. And is enough for protection against any theft scenarios. All in all, we think this home security system is perfect for most people.

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