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Traditional doorbells are those doorbells which have no advanced technologies such as wireless, video cameras, audio systems, etc. It just simply alerts you that someone has come other side of the door. But smart doorbells have wireless systems, video cameras, audio systems and lots of advantages. The best part of it that it maintains security system of your home.

Why everyone needs smart doorbell?

Everyone wants to feel secured in their own home. To ensure your security, smart doorbells can help you. As the doorbell has option to see who is in the front door and to speak with the person, it is a great advantage to monitor your home.

Some doorbells offer more convenient feature. Such as, suppose if you stay away from home, you cannot watch what is happening there. There may have lots of valuable substances at your home. These valuable substances can be theft. Again, if you keep your home under any caretaker, you may fill hesitated if the caretaker is looking after your home carefully or not. Again if any important and most expected guest of you comes to see you and he/she goes back being depressed as you are not at home, then you will miss the opportunity to meet him/her. These are really very big problems. What if you can monitor your home you own without staying at home? What if you can answer your door staying at any place of the world and don’t miss any guest who will come to your home when you are not there? Obviously it will be great. The smart doorbell can make that happens.

Again, suppose at midnight someone is knocking at your door and you’re alone at home. It will not be safe to open the door without knowing who is out there. If you have smart doorbell you can easily watch who is out there and can take a decision whether you should open the door or not. You can simply watch this from your phone.

Some doorbells also have the option to open the door without going near the door. So during the time you are taking rest you can make out this advantage.

So now you know that why you will buy a smart doorbell. Briefly it can be said that a smart doorbell is not only a doorbell, but also a security system. It keeps your home safe and secured.

Best 5 smart doorbells of 2017 reviews

There have different kinds of smart doorbells in the market. Before buying doorbells you have to know the features of the doorbell otherwise you may be betrayed or fool. This article will help you to know about the recent top 5 smart doorbells.

Ring Video Doorbell

Ring video doorbell is one of the first smart doorbells in the market. Though recently a newer version of ring video doorbell named ring pro came to the market taking more advantages, the original version of the ring doorbell yet has enough features. It may be battery operated or chargeable video doorbell. The ring video doorbells allow you to speak, see, and hear the visitors by smartphone even staying any corner of the world. It has motion sensing range of 180 degree. The unique feature of it is that you can store door videos on the cloud.


  • Excellent Technical Support
  • Easy installation
  • Crisp Video / Audio
  • Impressive packaging
  • Easy setup, app, and instructions
  • Higher picture and audio quality
  • Support for multiple users via emailed invites
  • Good customer service
  • Four colors to choose from
  • Lifetime purchase protection (if it’s stolen, Ring will replace for free)
  • Live video
  • Two-way voice communication
  • Features Infrared LEDs for night vision
  • Weather resistant
  • Powered or self-powered installation
  • Includes all-inclusive mounting kit
  • Answers door from anywhere, anytime
  • This is a camera intercom system.


  • Pricey
  • Needs to be within Wi-Fi range
  • Lacks apps for Windows
  • Occasional lagging
  • Subscription service
  • Over twice the size of other highly rated doorbell cameras (5 inches tall x 2.5 inches wide)
  • Unreliable motion detection
  • No option for video on demand (video can only be viewed once a call has been placed to your smartphone and detected by motion or doorbell call)
  • Cloud Feature requires a $3.00)monthly fee

SkyBell HD Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell

Skybell has many features in common with Ring. Skybell also allows you to see who’s ringing your doorbell from anywhere, at any time via your Smartphone (Android, IOS). It’s price is affordable. And comparing to its price it has lots of features which are in some cases better than Ring video doorbell. SkyBell lets you monitor your front door at any time with its on demand feature. Though it has some poor setup, it satisfies demand of users. The unique feature of it is that it takes snapshot while watching live video. Though you cannot store the videos on the cloud but you can download them anytime.


  • Good video quality
  • Feature-rich
  • Cheaper price
  • On demand video at any time (not just when someone approaches or rings your doorbell)
  • Two colors to choose from
  • Easy-to-use app
  • Do not disturb mode that rings phone only
  • No monthly fee for extra feature
  • Reliable video and audio whether home or away from home.
  • Camera field of view is plenty wide.
  • Night Vision video is pretty good
  • You can sync more than one Smartphone to the device. You, your wife, kids, etc. can all receive notifications
  • No recurring fees.
  • Easy installation
  • Has an option named “Do not disturb”


  • Subpar customer service
  • Only one user per account
  • Not compatible with T-Mobile Samsung phones
  • You can’t save video yet
  • No battery power option.

Chui Intelligent Video Doorbell

Chui intelligent doorbell is an amazing version of doorbell. You also can tell it a home security system. It detects visitors by facial recognition. Your face is the key of the Chui intelligent doorbell. It takes photo of the person or informs you by life feed. It offers real time notifications, pre-recorded messages,  smotion detection,” do not disturb”  option and even has an automatic door unlock feature. Unique feature of it is face recognition feature to unlock your door and alert you of strangers. it can connect with other home automation devices. You can pre-record messages for your visitors, letting them know about your existence.


  • Easy setup
  • Real-time notifications (email and push notifications)
  • Two-way audio and one-way video
  • HD Camera
  • Pre-recorded identity-based message feature
  • Includes a ‘Do not disturb’ list (if you can’t be bothered with notifications)
  • Integrates Lockitron (smart locks)
  • Includes smart plugs and lighting systems (Hue)
  • Motion and face detection
  • One tap 911 calls( As it is an American product)
  • Live video feeds
  • QR code recognition
  • Alphanumeric password recognition
  • RGB feedback LED visual indicator
  • Artificial intelligence and machine Learning


  • Expensive
  • Preorder.
  • As it is new product it’s not always available.

YYGIFT Smart Video Wi-Fi Doorbell

Like other doorbells YYGIFT almost has the same features.  It allows you to see, speak and hear the visitors. If you want either you can answer the call or you can cancel it. You can answer the door staying at any corner of the world. You also can use iOS and android phone to communicate with the visitors.


  • Easy DIY installation.
  • Shatterproof ABS plastic construction.
  • Innovative wireless technology.
  • Two way audio, one way video.
  • Impeccable Audio
  • RF bell with multiple ringer options
  • Mobile app to control the WiFi doorbell
  • Answer your front door from anywhere; even remotely from offsite.
  • It brings the image directly on the phone even if you still haven’t answered the doorbell. 
  • This helps you avoid unwanted visitors and people.
  •  Immediately displays the image.
  • See live image of the person as you answer the call. And this is in perfect quality.
  • The camera of this model is in premium quality and it’s sturdy and reliable.
  • Competitive price but worth the money.
  • You can also purchase an electronic lock and set a 6-digit code to unlock the door


  • No separate alerts for each user.
  • YYGIFT Doorbell is bigger and quite heavier than ordinary doorbell.

Smartbell Remote Access Doorbell

Smartbel Doorbell is an amazing innovation. It is also a wireless smart doorbell which can be connected with your phones or DECT phones. You can speak directly to a caller from either type of phone, and use Caller IDs. Smartbel doorbell calls mobiles or landline to speak remotely. You also can answer the door staying away from home. The Smartbel is ideal for both home and commercial use, such as Garden offices, where it takes time to get to the front door, businesses in multi-occupation buildings, multi-occupancy homes or flats etc.


  • Extremely robust, (beautifully presented)
  • Supplied with clear instructions
  • 2 volume settings
  • A choice of 4 pre-installed chime tune melodies
  • A mobile SIM card, sends signals to your mobile phone and DECT phone system.
  • Not just weatherproof, but waterproof
  • Contains both the microphone and speaker for 2 way conversation.
  • 16 hour battery
  • Smart bell is set up by text messaging from mobile phones and DECT phones – there is no need for an App.
  • External monopole antenna can be used to improve signal strength.


  • Comparatively heavy.
  • Not always available.
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