Jacob Jensen Wireless Doorbell update 2022

If you are still struggling with the ancient wired messy doorbells, then your struggle will be over once you purchase the Jacob Jensen wireless doorbell, which is wireless. The wired doorbells are past the new era, and you need to be up-to-date with this new wireless doorbell.

The Jacob Jensen wireless doorbell will put to an end having to put up with one boring chime from your outdated doorbell. This doorbell has five chimes that you can choose from, from time to time to avoid boring chimes in your home. To be honest, Jacob Jensen is new wireless doorbell and award Winning Modern Design doorbell.

If you find people frequently laughing at your doorbell every time they pass by your door, then it is a high time to change into this new doorbell. The Jacob Jensen wireless doorbell has a sleek and stylish design that people will not stop admiring as they pass by your door. From the following discussion you will easily understand how to choose wireless doorbell.

Good Looking Design

The Jacob Jensen wireless doorbell is designed in a sleek and stylish manner that makes the visitors that come by your house to admire the unique design of the doorbell.

The design is modern and far from the prior designs that were used on doorbells, and it is more than what you would wish for in a doorbell and gives you more reason to have it on your door. The doorbell comes in different sizes that fit the size you need for your house.

Numerous Receivers

The Jacob Jensen doorbell can support numerous receivers that can be purchased along the one chime receiver in the package to suit the size of your home.

You can program the chime receivers with different chimes from one door to the other doors, and this will ensure that one can differentiate the various bells ringing at various doors. Therefore you will not take long to tell where the visitor is.

Easy Installation

The doorbell is easy to install due to its wireless feature that does not need wasting much time installing the wires.

The doorbell is easily mounted on the door wall within a few minutes without requiring external help from technicians. The doorbell comes with a manual that has easy steps that one can follow, and it has illustrations that are easy to follow.

High Volume Chimes

It is simple to install the door with various chimes, and the volume is adjustable to high levels that can be heard on various floors.

The doorbell has a high volume that surpasses various doorbells that have been used earlier the volume can be heard in over twelve floors in a building when there is loud music, and also hen one is bathing.


This doorbell is known to withstand harsh weather conditions, and it can stay for a very long time without requiring frequent repairs after its installation.

The doorbells also come with batteries that can serve you for more than two years without requiring replacement. The volume of the doorbell remains high for a long time without requiring you to replace it with another chime receiver.



  • It is durable and dependable
  • It has a high volume.
  • The doorbell has a sleek design.
  • It comes with a warranty.
  • It is affordable.


  • Comes with only one chime and button per package.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the doorbell available globally?

A: Yes, the doorbell is available online and can be shipped to all countries globally.

Q: Can the doorbell have several receivers and buttons?

A: Yes, the doorbell can be used with various receivers and buttons as necessary. 

Q: Can the doorbell be connected with an AC power source? 

A: Yes, it is possible to connect the doorbell with an AC power source. 

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Final Verdict

The doorbell goes beyond the expectations that anyone has on doorbells since its design is above expectation and different in every possible way.

The volume of the doorbell is high, so you can’t miss visitors no matter what activity you are busy doing that with the prior doorbells you would not hear.

The various chimes in the doorbell enhance the environment o your home since they are unique and far from the obvious ding-dong chime in other doorbells. The wireless feature in it makes even more marketable since people are tired of the wired messy doorbells.

The doorbell has a sleek design that makes it attractive to you and the visitors, and you cannot afford not purchasing this doorbell.

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