For peace enhancement, you need to take the right measures. Placing a camera at your doorstep is an essential step. This is an improvised security system which comes along with the advancement of technology.

I have encountered this door video intercom in an attempt to safeguard my family and it helps monitor all the movement of visitors coming to your home.

In this post, you will find reliable information about the top door video intercom best selling on the market today. If you are thinking of buying one, any of these products reviewed below will do you great.

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Door Video Intercom

Here are some few things you need to know about the video intercom you are about to buy. Taking into account the following will allow you buy a product that satisfies your security needs.



In consideration of your financial power have the most affordable video intercom at your disposal. Cost goes hand in hand with quality. Strive to have a high-quality product despite its cost.


Vision is the key most factor of consideration. Cameras have to produce high definition images or shots to increase the quality of the snaps and video. Consider also having a high-quality camera to improve vision during the nights.


Consider having an efficient video intercom which is not prone to any breakdown.  Owning a high-quality product and enjoy its services for an extended period of an awesome performance.

Camera And Monitor Number And Quality

The number of cameras and monitor is a major factor of consideration. This may depend on the number of doors at your house or even room number which needs regular surveys.


Take a look at the type of lenses you need, how many megapixels, does the unit come with more accessories like filters, reflectors, external flashes, spare batteries among others. Do these features match your requirements?

Recommend Best Door Video Intercom

It might be a bit difficult for me to establish which video intercom without me not being at the working ground. All the following devices are good security gadgets. Consider having the one that fully fulfills your passion. Consider the required features and also your financial ability.

Video Door Phone Intercom System

Video Door Phone Intercom System

You don’t have to sit down at your home twenty-four hours trying to guard your home. With technology advancement, you have to be very innovative .This model is a modern security measure .that will help you keep your home safe.

Rechargeable Batteries

In case of the power cut off, the presence of rechargeable lithium batteries will rescue the situation. During that time when power is off you also need to take you security measures keenly, and that is why this intercom provides this feature.

Rain Shield

 Weather patterns are dynamic and may change drastically. Rainy conditions may affect the camera since the water may get into the camera systems.

Low Illumination Capture

The night mode control is awesome as it can help you to secure your home during the night or even during the dark times of the day. This high power   night mode capture is helpful in the event of   any occurrence during the night

Wireless Control

This feature is very useful as it helps to reduce bulk at your home. The wireless control is very technological advanced as the control of the gadget is easy.

Aleko®LM 163 3.5″ Display Intercom Wireless Video Phone System

Aleko®LM 163 3.5" Display Intercom Wireless Video Phone System

This improvised security system is popular with the ability to monitor anyone standing or walking around your door step. This model facilitates your safety concerns as you can see any intruder.

Power Transmitter

On purchasing the device is accompanied by an AC power transmitter. The video monitor requires power to function or operate in the appropriate way. The power transmitter is very useful in that it controls the amount of power going into the camera and also the monitor.

USB High Capacity

The in-built mini USB has a very high storing capacity. The USB storage is useful in that it helps in storing any data that may be acquired by the camera, the data that may be captured may include photos or video coverage of all the happenings around the camera either indoor or outdoor cameras.

100 Instant Photo Captures

The monitor is well capable of taking at most of 100 photos instantly. The photos taken are directly stored into either inbuilt USB or even external storage.

Micro Processing Technology

This device fully appreciates any technology advancement. It may include remote control system the operator can operate the monitor just at the comfort of his or her chair. The operator has to be at a range of 180 – 450 meters

1by one 7″ Color LCD Touch Screen Wired Video Doorbell

1by one 7" Color LCD Touch Screen Wired Video Doorbell

Here is the intercom that suits your office, house or any other building. It is accompanied with features that best suits indoor or even outdoor. This comes with great features that profoundly help safeguard your structures.

Different Door Bells

This intercom comes with a range of 14 fourteen different ringing melodies. The melodies are sweetly composed to bring you the attention of an incoming visitor. You are capable of changing from one melody to the other.

Night Vision

Night or dark moments may be hard to avoid as nature only controls them. This feature is mostly chosen by many in order to monitor anyone at your doorstep during dark moments. The camera can view clearly anyone during the nights or even dark times

Cable Connectors

A 5 core connecting cable is supplied together with the intercom. The connecting cable is very useful in that it helps to connect the camera to its monitor. The cable is five (5) meter long but in case you need a longer cable it will be provided at a discounted price or a longer cable.

 120°View Angle

 The camera is capable of viewing at a longer viewing angle of about 120°.Your camera can monitor or capture any image in that given area proximity.

1by one vp-0689 7 Inches Color Wired Video Doorbell

1by one vp-0689 7 Inches Color Wired Video Doorbell

This model is just awesome as its features are considerably distinguishable. Record all the occurrences that are happening around the camera is this not an amazing. This might be a necessary feature if you are considering recording the events but not taking photos.

Video Recording

The operator can record some video footage. The videos may show some explicit evidence about any situation. In the video coverage, the owner can know what exactly happened

Easy Installation

The manufacturer packs the intercom together with an English manual. The manual helps for easy installation in that the operator can operate it with ease and also assemble it.

1 Camera And 2 Monitors

This is another adorable camera that has one camera and two monitors. The monitors allow the device to be controlled by two operators. This aids in monitoring, if one person is not able to work then, the second operator may take.

120° Visual Angle

The camera is positioned in a way that it’s able to record a video or take a photo of anything at the range of the wide 120°. This is an extended viewing angle since it can capture a bigger area than any other intercom.

Docooler ®7 inches LCD Home Security Video Door Phone Intercom Kit

The intercom is best suited for outdoor monitoring. This model has high qualities that may hinder its damage. It is fitted with high-quality materials that make it much suitable for outdoor camera surveillance.

Durable Aluminum Alloy Handle

As I had mentioned earlier, this model is best suited for outdoor surveillance. The harden aluminum handle is specifically made to ensure that the camera is strongly held and in safe custody .The handle is strong for a firm grip without slip.

Range Of Bell Ring

This model is having a different range of doorbell rings. A total of 16 well-composed bell rings are installed into the system. The operator is well enabled to change any melody to the favorite or best ringing tune.

AC Adapter

The intercom is suited to function in case power is passed through it. The AC adapter can maintain easy follow of currents and reduces cases of overheating and increase in current power. The AC adapter is only favored for high power voltages such as electricity or even generator power.

Monitors Different Contrast

The monitor has a control system that can control the volumes and even brightness. The operator is able either increase or decrease the monitor’s volumes so as to enhance proper hearing. Brightness is among the features that are very necessary to have a very clear visibility.

Final Words

Your security is an essential part of your life in that you have to take proper precautions in this. I have also tried some of the above video intercoms, and they are working.

The choice of your video intercom may be depending on your monetary stability, where you intend to have it or even the size of your house or even office. Your may choose any of the above design.

Remember security starts with you. Try this type of security enhancement and you will have peace of mind in securing your family from intruders.

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