Eufy 2K Indoor Cam Review

When we are off home, there is a sense of anxiety in our minds about the things at home. A resonance of discomfort keeps on asking “Is everything alright at home?” Well, we can get rid of this. To get you out of this terrible mental pressure, Eufy brings a 2k indoor camera. A smart camera with the ability to detect different objects with their real look. It can differentiate between humans and other objects. Moreover, you can create connections between other smart devices. A standalone camera to keep your home under continuous surveillance. You also can relax while traveling outside the home ensuring the safety of your home. In case you are interested in cameras, consider reading our review on the GoPro HERO 9 Black Action Camera.


The thing that keeps any device ahead of others is the feature it has. Eufy 2K Indoor Cam comes up with the features that everyone will crave for. However, very few people will believe that an indoor cam has so many things to offer. Here is a detailed description of what this camera has to offer.

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Catches Every Bit of It

The video quality of this camera is 2K which is extraordinary as far as the price is concerned. Not only this, it distinguishes humans from other things as well. You will get a 1080P quality video and can observe what is happening inside your home. Everything in front of the camera will be clear and visible. If anyone crosses the threshold of your home without your consent the camera gives you a notification.

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Advanced Night Shots

Most indoor cameras don’t have the capacity to shoot 100% clear and visible pictures or video at night time. The nighttime shoot requires high resolutions, megapixels for a camera. Eufy 2K Indoor Cam comes up with night vision that allows the camera to take clear shots at night no matter how low the light is. It can shoot stellar 2K-resolution video any time of the day and night. This makes it able to shoot in the dark areas as well. You can use color night vision too to get color video. 

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Smart Integration

This device brings another feature that can enhance its capacity. You can integrate the device with other smart devices as well.

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Built-in Two-way Audio

One of the common complaints that we receive about the cameras is that they cannot give real-time audio. When someone passes and talks, the camera takes time to process and then gives audio. Eufy 2K Indoor Cam has a built-in two-way audio system that allows it to record and pass it

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Secure and Protected Data

People always remain concerned about the security of their data. Eufy 2K Indoor Cam ensures you that the videos will be kept private. No one will be able to see that except you. You are your family member’s personal videos will never be published anywhere without your knowledge. This camera takes care of your private data seriously and never lets anyone have a glance on your private information. 

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Built-in AI

We cannot understand any noise using a CC camera. Even a smart CC camera does not always have this feature. Eufy 2K Indoor Cam comes up with another extraordinary smart feature. You can detect extra noise through this. It will notify you if there is any noise inside the home.

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Web Channel Access

You can see what is going on using your smart TV device. In the web channel feature section, you will find what’s happening at your home.  

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What It Has?

  • 2x Eufy Security Indoor Cam
  • 2x USB Cable, 2x Mounting Bracket
  • 2x USB Cable
  • 2x Screw Pack
  • 1x Quick Guide
  • Door and window and motion sensors
  • Smoke detectors
  • Security centric accessories
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Who Will Need This?

People who are concerned about their belongings or stuff no matter if it is their pets, people, will need this device most. They can feel relieved as they can keep their eyes on their pets, or people. They can get updated in real-time. Also, they will get a notice when the children are home.

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40$ for a single pack and 60$ for two packs only on Amazon.


  • Light in weight
  • Easy use
  • Smart device connectivity
  • 1080p or 2K resolution video
  • Continuous recording
  • Has night-vision infrared LEDs
  • 32 to 128 GB microSD card support
  • 36 hours of 1080p recordings


  • Clips must be viewed through the app
  • Does not include the microSD card
  • Monthly and yearly charges for Eufy 2K Indoor Cam services
  • Sign up process is confusing
  • Automatic start of a new clip after 5 minutes without notifying
  • May miss important incident
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The Final Touch

Eufy 2K Indoor Cam is an excellent product that will keep you updated on what is happening in your home. You can take care of your loved ones, pets, and look after the overall home sitting far away. This Wi-Fi connected camera gives excellent videos 24/7.

Eva Filgueira

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