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Due to work demand or other life commitments, we mostly find ourselves further away from our homes. How safe you leave your assets may remain in the hands of your watchman or simply the lock on the door.

Door cameras can help secure your compound or rather trace the person responsible for any evil. Take a case of an unfortunate breaking theft, who helps you do a follow-up? Anyway, forget about that as it’s totally beyond your control.

A camera is a good security measure the police can rely on to capture the wrongdoer recovering your belongings.

The following are some top camera designs you can choose from, but before then let take a look at the essentials a standard camera should have.

Factor To Consider Before Buying The Best Door Camera

While it may difficult to buy a camera for a beginner due to the wide variety available in the market, here are a few basic considerations to have in mind:


Well forget about the discounts and after sale services, you will get. The cost of the camera should be well within your budget.

Do not overstretch your budget to buy a high-end camera, and other affordable models work just as well as that one. Set aside some money to spend on lens as they define the image you get


Check if these elements fit your needs. For instance, does it have good megapixels for zooming and cropping, can the lenses quickly focus, is the sensor color sensitive and to what extent? What capture modes does it have and most importantly do all these match your needs?


A good quality camera is not everything but a lens is. Lenses have varying focal length and aperture size; this determines the type of photography work you get. Choose a lens depending on your image taste. Remember lenses have different mounts and may not necessarily fit in any camera


The camera does not have to be so big to make a clear shot. It is a small, compact yet very trendy camera that is very portable and easy to use and carry around. Despite being small check if it has a camera case, memory card, spare batteries, filters, lenses and a reflector.


For a long life, the camera must be made with materials that withstand different for use season after season. Should have a well-finished body which is water resistant for shooting in dumpy conditions or when raining / wet. It should also come packed with a warranty from the manufacturer.

Recommend Best Door Camera

Knowledge is power, and lack of knowledge may be considered as ignorance. Here are some door camera reviews of some of the highly rated products that will guarantee you with maximum security.

Digitharbour 3.5 inches TFT LCD Screen digital door peephole

This popular brand has a wide LCD screen of 3.5 inches that gives you a larger view of the captured images or videos. The following are the main characteristic of this camera:

Easy To Install

It’s very easy to install, with only the peephole on the door other compartments are inside the house. This helps you capture motions even without the visitors noticing. After installation, it has the instant ability to capture or shoot.

Night Vision

It has high power lenses that can help you focus in low light conditions. Many cameras cannot work in the night, but this can work and still give you accurate results. However, in very low light conditions it auto shut itself.

Video Record / Photo Shoot

This unit can record events either in video or as snaps in the SD card where you can retrieve or view making it able to record a video of the event taking place right in front of the camera.

Motion Detection

It has amazing inbuilt sensors that quickly detects slight movement, triggering the peephole to send a signal to the entire unit and subsequently captures images.

Brinno PHV 1330 Hidden Front Door Camera

With innovations, this Brinno camera quickly detects motion, focus and captures clear images. It is very small and easy to install, records all movements without the visitor noticing they are being recorded.

Inbuilt Sensor

Has a 0.3 megapixel CMOS sensor that detects motion through the peephole with an ambient light sensor. The sensor is trigger by the motion right outside the door to take images or video.

Auto Capture

Once you install the camera on your door, activate the system. You do not have always to be there to take images as it automatically captured records everything for you and stores that data on an SD card with time and date.

One Button Playback

Your presence or absence does not dictate its ability to record images as it runs all through. You may not always be there to see all happening at your doorstep or who visited. With the SD storage, one button playback allows you to review all visitors by only a single push.

Battery Life

With energy saving technology it can be in use for long periods of time. The PHVMAC’s battery can last up to 6 months with approximately 9000 triggers. This allows wireless connection.

RioRand 3.5 inches 170 degrees Wide Angle Peephole TFT LCD

The camera gives a wider angle of the events taking place right outside your door and compound. It also has a large display screen for you to clearly see all images without straining. These are the main highlights for this door camera:

Alarming Function

As said earlier, motion triggers the camera in capturing and storing images on the SD card. On an oncoming visitor, it rings to signal the presence of a stranger. You can, therefore, see them approach including armed robber where you can take security prior their entry.

Image Sensor

It uses CCD or CMOS highly sensitive sensor for motion detection for monitoring the situation out of the door. Uses 300000 pixels and is color sensitive for a clear natural image.

Focal View

The aperture may be very small but can give a big view. The peephole can capture events at an angle of 170 degrees while the optical lens can focus at 60 degrees.

LCD Panel Display

Has s large display screen of 3.5 inches with a high resolution of 320 * 240. It also offers good picture quality and greater visibility.

Bcomtech 7inch intercom Door Station

The device is designed with wire system installation very effective in detecting movements, capturing and accurately storing clear snaps or videos.

Intercom System

Has a Dual-way intercom set up within built microphone that supports bi-directional communication. It produces an ultra-clear sound quality without any noise when the alarm rings.


It features a long-lasting material that can withstand all weather for consistent use year round. It has a waterproof level of up to IP65.

Day/ Night Vision

The outdoor camera has 3pcs 850 nanometres IR LED and IR sensor, and the IR sensor will turn on the IR led automatically when the light in low level. During the day, vision is not an issue as the camera still captures good images.

Picture / Video Record

It will record any motion outside the door or when someone rings. It can comfortably store 80 pictures in the memory. It also has an attachment where you can fit a memory card of up to 32GB.

Arlo Smart 1HD Camera Security System

It’s a great choice with powerful cameras which helps in securing your home. This camera works well and it has a number of impressive features covered below.

HD Video

A good quality video can help you figure out even very crooked event in your vicinity. The unit can record crystal clear, high-definition 720p video that captures every detail.

Wireless Design

The Arlo smart cameras are easy to set up due to their wire-free connection. You can place these cameras anywhere to watch over anything as there are no cords involved.


The device provides you with the ability to link up the camera system with your mobile phone. This help in monitoring you home even when you are miles away as it notifies via email and apps.


The camera is handy and portable. Moreover, only a peephole is on your door; hence you can take images without a visitor noticing you are on them.

Final Words

Well, a camera as we say may not in itself help secure your home. However, as it stores the data of events happening where it’s facing, it can give you reliable information that detectives can use in case of any bad scene done in your home.

Besides, the alerts on your phone can guide in knowing the current state of your home. Also, if you are inside the house, a visitor will not get you off guard as you can see them approaching. That is why you should have any of these door cameras and you will find it to monitor the activities taking place around your home and also enhance safety.

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