5 Best FEIT Electric Doorbell That Will Satisfy Your Needs

When we speak about electric doorbells, the FEIT Electric doorbell always comes to mind. This doorbell has recently become widespread among users for its ultimate service and stand-out features. If you want to upgrade your security system and get a notification whenever someone is at your door, this doorbell will be the best option!
In this article, our goal is to provide you with all the information about the FEIT electric doorbell! We will give you a brief description of its features and qualities. We will also give a short comparison table and FEIT electric smart video doorbell reviews. So, keep reading to know more!

A quick Review of the 5 best FEIT Electric Doorbell Cameras –

Let’s take a look at the best FEIT electric doorbell camera reviews in the shortest way possible and judge between the 5 top ones from the FEIT Electric brand!

FEIT Electric CAM/Door/WiFi/BAT Doorbell

With a 1080 HP high resolution, high motion alert, ultimate night vision, and 128 GB SD card, the FEIT Electric CAM/Door/Wi-Fi/BAT Doorbell is easy to set up and install to elevate your security. Moreover, you can get notifications on the FEIT app all day due to its high-performance battery life.

FEIT Electric CAM/Door/WiFi 1080p HD Doorbell

The FEIT Electric CAM/Door/Wi-Fi 1080p HD Doorbell is easy to set up and use with the 12-24V wire and Wi-Fi network adjusted by the FEIT app. It features two-way microphones, extreme night vision, and adjustable motion sensitivity. So, get motion and video alerts every time conveniently!

FEIT Electric CAM/DOOR/WIFI/BATG2 Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

With a double-battery life experience, the FEIT Electric CAM/DOOR/WIFI/BATG2 Wi-Fi Video Doorbell brings you top features like enhanced voice management, two-way communication, and clear night vision. You can always get motion and video alerts and download them from the micro SD card through the FEIT app.

FEIT Electric CAM/Door/WIFI/SD Smart Wi-Fi Camera Doorbell

Get instant alerts and live video on your phone through the FEIT app with the FEIT Electric CAM/Door/WIFI/SD doorbell. The direct power supply wiring and the two-way transmission feature ensure easy operation. Besides, you can always download files from the 128GB micro SD card instead of cloud storage!

Feit Electric CAM/WM/WiFi/BAT Doorbell Security Camera

The FEIT Electric CAM/WM/WIFI/BAT Doorbell Security Camera provides high resolution, Alexa and Google Assistant voice management, two-way microphones for real-time conversing, and vivid night vision. Despite having no cloud storage, you effortlessly download all files from the 128GB micro SD card and get alerts on your phone via the FEIT app.

How we tested FEIT Electric Smart Video doorbell

We took 15 stand-out FEIT electric doorbell cameras first. Then, we compared their battery, wiring, operating systems, storage capability, dark vision, microphone type, installation method, and many more. Based on their features, advantages, and disadvantages, we have picked the 5 best FEIT Electric doorbells for you!

FEIT doorbell vs Ring doorbell

At making doorbells, Ring and FEIT Electric are both exceptionally well. Their doorbells can provide motion and video alerts, Wi-Fi connection ability, and phone apps to control. Also, both are good at motion detection, dual communication, and HD video quality. Though they might sound similar, some key features make the FEIT electric doorbells more appealing. FEIT electric doorbells are extremely good at working in darker environments, and they use SD cards for storing files. So, these two things give the FEIT Electric doorbells a slight advantage over the Ring doorbells!

FEIT Doorbell features

Now, let’s take a look at the FEIT doorbell features. Some of the best features that the FEIT doorbells have are-

Range of the FEIT Doorbell

FEIT doorbells can be very versatile with the range. It mostly depends on where you install it and how strong the Wi-Fi connection is. According to the FEIT doorbell manual, if you have a powerful 2.4 GHz WIFI network, the FEIT electric doorbell will provide service within a 30-meter radius. Sometimes other networks, low electricity, adverse weather conditions, and other factors can disrupt the network.

FEIT doorbell volume

The FEIT doorbell has diverse volume ranges and settings. You can set different chime ringtones and adjust the volume to low, high, and medium. You can do all of these pretty easily with the FEIT app. The doorbell has countless built-in chimes to notify you whenever it detects motion.

Good Lighting

When it comes to making the best use of lighting, very few doorbells can compete against the FEIT electric doorbell. These doorbells have highly reinforced cameras that can produce clear footage. You can get 1080p HD resolution videos from it which will contain all details.

Handy Components

The FEIT doorbells also come with a few handy components. They come with highly-sensitive motion detectors, HD security cameras, and two-way microphones. Besides that, you can also set a voice management system like Alexa to this doorbell. Many FEIT doorbells also come with chargeable batteries!

Proper Power source

There are two types of power sources that FEIT doorbells use. One takes power directly from the main switch through wires, and the other uses a battery. The wired doorbells will always provide strong service unless anything unusual happens with your home’s electrical main line. On the hand, you will need to charge the battery every six months to ensure smooth operation with the wireless doorbells.

The Smart features

The doorbell has some smart features. They make the doorbell more appealing to the people. These features are-

  • Two-Way Microphones: You can communicate with the person through the doorbell with this feature.
  • Voice management: This feature will allow you to access the doorbell and adjust it with voice. The doorbell is suitable with Amazons Alexa. You can pair them to easily control the doorbell by giving voice commands.
  • Built-in motion sensor: The enhanced built-in sensors in the doorbell alarm you every time it detects any motion. These sensors are susceptible and might trigger due to heavy wind as well. So, it would be best if you always kept it low.
  • SD Card: This Doorbell uses an SD card instead of cloud storage to keep all the video clips, images, audio, and other files. So, you can download them anytime with the FEIT app if you have a good internet connection.

How much do FEIT doorbells cost?

FEIT Electric doorbells are not that costly in comparison to other smart doorbells on the market. You can mostly find them in the price range of 50$-150$. The old versions are less costly than the new models since they have advanced features like voice management, highly sensitive motion detectors, two-way microphones, and more.

Some Tips to use the FEIT doorbell-

  • Insert the memory card in the doorbell before installation
  • After installation, connect the doorbell to the app properly
  • Call in a technician if the doorbell misbehaves
  • Clean the parts once in a while with a cloth and plain water
  • Reboot the system every month to secure a proper connection


How to Install and Connect the FEIT Electric Smart Video doorbell?

To install and connect the FEIT Smart Video Doorbell, Insert the SD card in the doorbell first. Then, Set the mounting faceplate to the well. After that, connect the wires to the doorbell and mount the doorbell on the wall. Afterward, reset the doorbell by pressing the reset button. At last, finish it by connecting the doorbell to the FEIT app.

Can you use this with more than one wi-fi chime? Are extra chimes available?

Yes. You can use more than one Wi-Fi chime with the FEIT doorbell. It allows you to select between a wide range of chime ringtones, and you can set it with multiple WIFI chimes. To do this, go to the FEIT app and select the specific settings to choose additional chimes.

My doorbell button is inside a screened-in porch, will the motion detector see someone outside the screen?

Usually, screened-in places or glasses can intercept heat signals. But FEIT doorbell sensors are highly sensitive and built in a way that they can easily detect motion through the glass as well. So, yes. The doorbell motion detector can see someone outside your screened-in porch!

Can FEIT camera be used offline?

No. The FEIT camera cannot be used offline. It needs a suitable Wi-Fi connection to keep itself connected with the FEIT app so that you can see live motion. So, if you see your camera going offline, you need to restart it and connect to the Wi-Fi again!

Does the FEIT camera have vertical tilt adjustment?

No, The FEIT camera doesn’t have a vertical tilt adjustment. You cannot make any changes to its angle vertically. If you want to change views, you will need to change its position.

Does it work for the doorbell ring?

Yes. It mainly works for the doorbell ring. Whenever it detects any motion, it will send a quick signal to the doorbell ring via the wireless method, and the chime ringtone will start ringing like usual doorbells.

Where can I find out how to change all the different settings in the app?

If you open the FEIT app, you will see three lines on the top left side of the screen. Tap on it, and you will notice the settings option. You can make all kinds of changes from that option easily!

How to remove the battery if the camera was removed from the app?

You cannot remove the battery from the FEIT app. Once you connect the device to the app, it will keep updating you about the doorbell’s battery status.

Final Words

After running informative research, we have delivered this FEIT doorbell review to you. I hope you now know all the specific details and features of the FEIT doorbell. You can also take a look at the best FEIT electric doorbells from here and make a purchase. We hope this review was beneficial for you!

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