How to Install Feit Electric Smart Video Doorbell

The FEIT Electric Video Doorbell is a progressive doorbell that delivers flawless security. If you also have bought it, you might encounter some tribulations regarding its installation process. Though it’s very dissimilar and more advanced than traditional doorbells, you can simply install it by following some instructions.
In this article, our goal is to guide you through the process of how to install FEIT Electric Smart Video Doorbell. Every step has been described here accurately so that you can conveniently install the doorbell. Therefore, keep on reading!

What is So special About The Feit Video Doorbell?

The FEIT Video Doorbell is more balanced and modern if you compare it with the other doorbell models of this generation. It ensures proper security by allowing the user to access notifications, videos, audio, and images whenever someone is at the door.

Despite intriguing security service, it is also very convenient to use and install. You can easily install and set it up within 10-15 minutes by proper guidelines. The doorbell gear comes with a micro-SD card. So, you can get the images anytime from it rather than keeping them in cloud storage.

How do you install a Feit Electric Smart doorbell?

The FEIT Video Smart Doorbell installation process is pretty straightforward. It will not take more than 10-15 minutes if you follow the below steps. This is the method of How to Install FEIT Electric Smart Video Doorbell-

1) Insert the SD Card

The FEIT Video Smart Doorbell comes with a Micro SD card. Its job is to store video clips, images, audio, and other significant files regarding doorbell security. Usually, it is sold separately, but you can also buy it with the doorbell. So, before setting up your doorbell, insert this SD card to ensure clear access to these files. You can find the inserting point at the back of the doorbell, or there will be an indication.

2) Get the Doorbell wires ready

Without proper wiring, you cannot supply any power to the doorbell. Make sure you set the wires in a way that it stays in the center of the faceplate. The doorbell requires 12-24 Volts, and anything above or below this might damage the doorbell circuit. So, make sure that the wires only provide this amount of electricity. Most importantly, do not forget to turn off the main power line before doing the wiring stuff to ensure safety. You can also call in a technician to get this job done!

3) Drill the wall and set the mounting anchors

In this step, you will require a drill machine to create holes precisely for setting up the mounting faceplate. To do this accurately, Set the faceplate on the wall and make sure the wires are in the middle. Draw dots with a pen or pencil on each anchor point. After that, remove the faceplate and drill on the dots till the holes are big enough to attach the mounting anchors. Lastly, clean the dust from the holes and set the mounting anchors! 

4) Or Use the strips to mount (Choose either step 3 or 4)

A unique thing about this doorbell is that you can attach it to the wall with mounting strips. Setting up the faceplate with the strips can be easier than screws since it saves time and doesn’t require any drilling and accuracy. Just take out the strips and attach them to the wall according to the size of the faceplate. It’s a very simple and easy process though the strips are not long-lasting!

5) Attach the mounting faceplate to the wall

After setting up the anchors for the faceplate, you need to attach it to the wall. If the anchor screws are set up well, connecting the doorbell mounting plate will not be challenging. Firstly, get the faceplate and face it against the wall. Secondly, precisely put them in the middle of the wires and on the anchor points. After that, mount the screws of the faceplate to the wall. Finally, tighten the screws to attach the mounting faceplate to the wall.

6) Attach the doorbell with the wires

In this step, you have to attach the doorbell with the power-supplying wires. After setting up the mounting faceplate on the wall, take two wires from the middle and connect them to the doorbell. Insert the wires at the back of the doorbell and make sure they are tightened with the terminal screws properly. Before attaching the wire, do not forget to check it with a tester and later turn the main switch off, as precautions should be taken to avoid any hazards.

7) Wait until the light is blinking

After attaching the doorbell with the wires, your main job is done. Now, you have to mount it on the wall and see if the lights are blinking or not. If it blinks continuously, it means the doorbell is fine and ready to operate. On the other hand, if it doesn’t blink, you will have to push the reset button. You can find the button on the top of the doorbell. Just push it with the provided key, and the lights will start blinking. Once the blinking stops, the doorbell will be ready!

8) Connect to the mobile app

The last and most important thing you need to do in order to finish your installation process is to connect your doorbell to the mobile app. It’s significant because you can’t get notifications and access to different settings and files without it. To connect your FEIT doorbell to the mobile app, follow these instructions-

  • Download and install the FEIT mobile app from the play store or App store.
  • Open the app and allow notifications and your location.
  • Click on “Security and Cameras” to choose your device type. Confirm your device name by selecting “Doorbell” later.
  • Select the EZ mode on the top right corner, and make sure that the indicating lights on your doorbell are blinking (It means the device is in pairing mode). If they don’t blink, you will have to press and hold the reset button till you hear a beep.
  • Choose your Wi-Fi name and give the password to connect it to the Wi-Fi.
  • After successfully connecting to the Wi-Fi, Android users will see a confirmation notification on the screen. Tap on it to finish the process. On the other hand, Apple users will need to scan the QR code from the back of the doorbell and wait till they hear a beep. After that, they will get a confirmation notification!


I hope after reading this article, you know How to Install FEIT Electric Smart Video Doorbell now. If you still confront issues, you can try from the beginning again. Follow step by step accurately to install your FEIT doorbell properly!

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