Spigen E100W Long Range Wireless Doorbell Kit update

If you are looking for an efficient doorbell, then Spiegel e100W long range wireless doorbell is the way to go. This doorbell has a stylish modern design, operating range of over 500 feet(1000feet in open area). Remote transmitter button is rated IP55 waterproof and is acceptable for outdoor installation. It has over 50 different ringtones.

This doorbell from Spiegel allows you to hear a ring from far distances. Simply plug in the receiver into an outlet and hear your doorbell ring when you’re outside, in the shower, or having a party. The wireless range offers a high-quality sound with four adjustable volume levels hence making volume adjustments easy.
It has a blue LED push button that is also waterproof. Batteries are not necessary with the plug-in receiver hence saving up on cost

Excellent Performance

This doorbell operates at a range of over 500feet or 100feet in an open area. The remote transmitter button is rated IP55 which is acceptable for any outdoor installation.
You can hear that ring from far distances for instance, in the backyard, in the shower or at a party. The button is friendly on the hand or rather fingers when pressing.

Adjustable Volumes

Spiegel e100 doorbell has adjustable volumes where if it gets too high or too low, you can just fix it to your favorable pitch by adjusting it. However, the levels of adjustments are just four.
Well, this can’t be a shortcoming of the doorbell since most doorbells lack volume adjustments. The volume that is fixed for them remains the same all through.

Wide Range Of Ringtones

This is so advantageous to the users of the Spiegel e100 doorbell. It has over fifty ringtones where you can choose any that interests or suits the occasion. If it’s a party mood, you can select the ringtone that announces the visitors have arrived.
If you’re on a vacation, you can select a cool one to relax your mind. If a tune disturbs the neighbors, you can change it too. This makes life easy and comfortable.

Ease Of Use

This doorbell is kind to your hands. The button is soft hence making it easy to press without much effort. To adjust anything, let’s say volumes and ringtones as mentioned above, you just use a remote control which requires no battery hence saving on extra costs. It doesn’t get easily damaged unless when you use force. If it is taken care of, this doorbell can last for a very long time.



A huge variety if doorbells are not waterproof. Since they are electrical, when water chips inside them, they get damaged or cause accidents around the home.
To save yourself from all these unnecessary stress, why don’t you purchase the Spiegel e100W doorbell which is waterproof? This means that it can last long since you don’t have to worry about raindrops or splashes chipping in.


From its description, you can see that it is named as “Spiegel e100W long range wireless doorbell kit.” This shows that the doorbell doesn’t require wires for installation.
All you have to do is fix it on your wall and use the remote buttons to set and adjust it. This saves one’s time and costs that you could pay someone to come and do the wiring for you.

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  • Allows you to hear from far distances.
  • It is waterproof.
  • The volumes of the ring are adjustable.
  • The ringtones are changeable since they are many.
  • It is affordable.


  • It can be noisy if the volumes are not adjusted.
  • One can’t use more than one remote.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the doorbell button gray or blue? Pictures show both.
A: This doorbell is gray.
Q: Does the receiver use a battery or it’s a plug-in?
A: It’s a plug-in.
Q: Can I replace the doorbell case in a more traditional cover?
A: I don’t think so. It is so small you really wouldn’t have to. It could be easily in an out of the way outlet.

Final Verdict

Many people wonder why they should purchase such an expensive doorbell while they purchased cheaper ones that can save the same purpose. The truth of the matter is, that this doorbell model is worth the cost since it doesn’t spoil easily.
You can choose to purchase the cheaper ones, but the maintenance cost that you will incur repairing them over and over again could buy a new Spiegel e100W doorbell which would last long without getting repaired.
Spiegel e100W doorbell is a top doorbell brand which is of a very high quality. Its performance is great and can work for a long period.
Buy your Spiegel e100W long range doorbell today and enjoy life without a lot of costs think about.

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