How to choose a Wireless Doorbell?

Before 1990 wired doorbell was very popular. Wired doorbell is a traditional doorbell which incorporates wiring and being plugged into an electrical system. After the development of wired doorbell, a new technology is added to the doorbell system which is called wireless doorbell. The wireless doorbell is an electronic device which can be set without any wire. It has a radio transmitter to send a signal to receiver which activates the chime alerting the occupant that the someone is at the door.

The wireless doorbell device is easy to operate. As it is available with a broad selection of features. It helps to meet any need of customers. You can customize any function of it very easily. The installation system is also very convenient.

There are different kinds of wireless doorbells on the market. But sometimes people get confused by which one they will buy or which one will be most effective for them. To be confident buying a doorbell device, you just need to know about the features and functions of the doorbell. So, this will guide you to understand which doorbell will be best for you.

Sound System:

To personalize your doorbell, you can pick a unique tone. There are varieties of sounds in doorbell system. Well known melodies, seasonal sounds, holiday music, animal sounds, funny sound effects and more types of doorbells allows to customize doorbells’ sound by uploading songs from your music device or computer or record of your own spoken words.

Sound quality also can be controlled. If you want high quality sound in your device, it is possible to get it. You also can block outside sound which interfere with your doorbell signal. It can be called frequency blocking technology. Some unexpected sounds made by other devices like garage, door opens, car alarms etc. can be blocked by this frequency blocking technology.

Automated doorbell systems have made life easier. Sometimes the ringing of doorbell cannot reach up to your ear, if you stay away from doorbell. It happens because of low sound range of the device. The device with high sound range does not let you miss the sound of the doorbell. Most wireless doorbells have range of 100 -150 feet which is favorable for small or mid-sized residences. For larger home or residences this range is not effective. In this case, multiple receiver or sound extender can be added to the device.

Now a day’s modern wireless doorbells, however work greatly in large space because of their long frequency ranges of up to 300 feet and more. These devices are normally used in large place like large residences, warehouse, farm and office buildings etc.

Sometimes its happens that you got large area than before you lived and the range of your wireless doorbell has been short for that place. Will you buy a new doorbell of high range? Will it be economic for you? Obviously not. Because you have an option. And the option is sound extender. If you add an extender or amplifier with your device, it will also increase your doorbell’s sound range.

Materials and size

Doorbell buttons and covers come in a variety of materials, shapes, sizes and colors.You can chose them as your personal taste.

Material is an important fact for doorbell device. It can be made of different kind of materials like bronze, brass, nickel, copper, pewter, silver and other metals. Covers are also available in ceramics, glass, wood or plastic. Many metal covers may acquire a burnished or aged look over time. While other surfaces are designed to maintain their original appearance.

Three types button rectangular circle or oval can be seen at market. Cover come in a wide variety of shapes and themes such as square, rectangular oval, round etc. So before buying the doorbell be sure that the button will fit the area where it is going to be installed.


The most important thing to choose a wireless doorbell is to know about its features and what is the function of this features. You are to have a minimum knowledge about the product’s feature. Some feature has been described here for your convenience:

i) Weather producing:

Button and receivers are to be weather proof. Because of changing weather buttons or receivers can get out of order very quickly. For gates, garages and back doors weatherproof buttons are suitable. The weatherproof receivers are suitable for decks, patios, swimming pools and play areas. Where you normally wouldn’t hear a doorbell ringing inside the hones.

ii) Lighted systems for hearing impaired

Lighted system is favorable for hearing impaired persons. It is also convenient for the person works in a very noisy place. In this system flashing light alerts the person who is hearing impaired or working in a noisy place. It can be added separately. It works in both wired and wireless doorbells.

iii) Audible and visible

Some wireless doorbells are audible. That means you can speak with the person of the other side of the door without going near the door. But you cannot see them. Again, some doorbells are audible and visible too. That means you can hear, talk and even watch the person of the other side of the door. This system of a wireless doorbells is called video wireless doorbell. Which is really an amazing invention.

iv) Lighted buttons:

Lighted buttons help visitors to locate the doorbell at night and let you know if your doorbell is working. It also indicates the status of wireless systems.

v) Warranties:

Warranties of the device should be in consideration. If can differ greatly depending on the brand and model.

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