How to Replace a Doorbell – Easy and simple steps to replacing a doorbell

Replacing a doorbell is a quite simple task. Yet, people who don’t know this can face difficulty in replacing the doorbells. This article intends to reply to the question often asked by people “how to replace a doorbell”. Besides discussing the process of doorbell replacement we will discuss how to replace a doorbell transformer as well.

To be honest, Most of house has a common problem their doorbell is broken. Here are simple and easy steps to replace a doorbell and use the new one.

When Do You Need to Replace the Doorbell?

There can be different reasons for replacing an old doorbell. Sometimes an old one becomes cliche whereas some other becomes dysfunctional. On the other hand, the performance of the old one may not be satisfactory. If you face situations like this, you need to change or replace the doorbell with a new one.

Materials & Tools You May Need to Replace a Doorbell

To replace the doorbell you should use some tools to make it easier. The required tools are listed below:

  • pencil
  • screwdriver (flat or Phillips head, whichever works for your screws)
  • new doorbell (this is the one I bought)
  • voltage tester
  • paint
  • wood filler
  • sandpaper
  • drill
  • spade drill bit (depending on the doorbell style)
  • utility knife (possibly)

Here are the 7 easy steps to replace a doorbell

Step 1: Safety first and reduce risk

You may say that the doorbell runs on battery power, so why should you turn the electricity off? Or you can tell us that your doorbell is wireless so you don’t need to be cautious. Well, before doing any repair work on any device that can connect electricity, you must turn the electric switches off. Otherwise, there is no guarantee that you will stay safe throughout the work. The best option is to switch off the circuit breaker.

Step 2: Replace with Something Better

When it comes to replacing a doorbell, it often happens that people replace almost the same type of doorbell. It is not a bad idea to be a loyal customer of a particular brand. But when I say something about how to replace a doorbell, I also recommend that you should replace it with something better in look, style, functionality, and overall performance. Find the best one out of thousands of options available.

Step 3: Remove the old doorbell

The first practical step toward replacing the old doorbell is removing the old one. You have to open the upper cover first then remove it from the wall. If it is an old version, the front part should come out immediately. First, unscrew the nuts then gradually remove the frontal part. Though the settings of all doorbells are not the same. However, you need to remove the old one.

Step 4: Position the New Doorbell

Well, as you have already fixed a place for doorbells, you have to keep the size of that place in mind while buying a new one. After removing the previous doorbell, you have to replace it with the new one. Now, position the new bell in the place of the previous one. Don’t bother if the size is not exactly matching. Just go with it. Keep the alignment right and replace the doorbell properly.

Step 5: Take Care of the Door Frame

While replacing the doorbells, we often don’t find the exact match with the frame. If the quality of the doorbell is quite good, sometimes you need to change the color of the door frame. In that case, you have to upgrade the color. If the size does not match properly, you have to resize some parts of the door wood. Once you change the painting and outlook of the door it makes a huge difference. While replacing the doorbells, keep that in mind.

Step 6: Adjust the doorbell wire hole and fix it easily

Well, it depends on whether you need to do this or not. Sometimes a new doorbell does not adjust to the area in which you are going to place it. So, you have to trim the back part in a way that does not harm the doorbell and you can fix it easily. It happens because of upgradation in technology or design. If you take a long time to replace doorbells, then you may face this issue. While trimming or resizing the hole use the bit instructed by the manufacturer.

Step 7: Attach the New Doorbell and install it in the right place

Now it is time to place the new doorbell. Once you are ready with the whole process now install the new doorbell in the right place. Reconnect the wire matching the color of the wire. Red with red and black with black is what you should follow. Drill new holes if needed to screw it tightly. Use a screwdriver to make it easier.

How to Replace a Doorbell Transformer

Replacing a doorbell transformer is important. When your doorbell transformer does not function properly, you have to replace it as soon as possible. Here are some key steps to follow when you are replacing the doorbell transformer.

  • Step 1: Turn the power off
  • Step 2: Test the power flow
  • Step 3: Bring out the junction box cover
  • Step 4: Take the old transformer out
  • Step 5: Fix the new transformer
  • Step 6: Connect the wires
  • Step 7: Finish the installation


Replacing the doorbells can be a tiring job for non-technical people. Well. for those people, this article can be a guideline. This article is written for those people who want to follow DIY while replacing their doorbells or doorbell transformer. Follow the simple steps to replace your doorbell and doorbell transformer. This will help non-professional people to change their doorbells at any time with their own effort.

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